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  1. If it's the small one on the right going towards downtown Powder Springs, my great-aunt was there for a few years before her death and they took very good care of her!
  2. Happy Birthday! I still have 13 days before the big five-oh! 1963 babies rock!
  3. This day would have been my dear mother's 74th birthday ... but she died a horrible death at age 70 because of the accumulated affects of tobacco ...
  4. What a great example of determination to all of us who smoke or otherwise attempt to ruin our lives with tobacco. I really hope to one day be a success story and not a statistic ...
  5. I'm level 181, haven't purchased anything and don't plan to.
  6. Oh, I didn't say it's exactly 3 miles, and I was referring to the city limits of Villa Rica, not all the way to the WalMart or Mobley's. Whether it's three miles or eight miles, it's too dang close!!
  7. Mixed feelings about the plans for this intersection. There's no doubt that something had to be done to save lives, and I believe the four-way stop has accomplished the goal. I also don't believe that the traffic created by the 4-way stop is heavy enough to justify the change (I've never seen it back up at 5:30 p.m. on weekdays the way the New Georgia 4-way-stop would be). So, according to the article I read today in the Neighbor newspaper, it will take at least a year to buy property from the current owners, and approximately a year after that for the construction needed at the inters
  8. We enjoyed the show today. I just want to say that I have never seen anything so rude in my life as when a whole class of day care kids from Sunshine House got up and LEFT before the man was even through! This is the first time they've even brought the kids to the library this summer, and then this?? If their schedule is more important than the rudeness they showed this gentleman, I think they should have stayed away!
  9. Is anyone else as scared as I am from the tragedies that unfolded yesterday? Seriously, I've been in Mobley Jewelers many times with my precious granddaughter! I know it's in Villa Rica, but that's only about 3 miles from my home in New Georgia. It also feels like Hiram is becoming just as bad. What's the answer? Do we have to keep our doors locked at all hours of the day and night? Do we have to look at every single person as if they might be the one to cause harm at any given moment? Do we all REALLY need to all be armed so that when our fear is triggered we risk harming an innocent per
  10. I'm so haunted by what happened in Villa Rica today! We've bought many unique pieces of jewelry from this fine man and his family since the early 1990's. I'm in this area with my precious granddaughter every week; I've even been IN THIS STORE with her probably three times in four years! So scary.
  11. I got a replacement card a few years ago, and my daughter changed hers to her married name; both times, the cards had to be mailed, and they gave you a receipt. The turnaround time was amazingly quick though.
  12. I've noticed him, and thought it an odd corner to stand on since the gas station there is closed ...
  13. I've noticed him, and thought it an odd corner to stand on since the gas station there is closed ...
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