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  1. My insurance company came onto my property without any acknowledgement from me or permission and came into my back yard by opening my 61/2voot privacy fence and took pictures. Can I press trespassing charges?
  2. I have some shingles that need fixed and need some recommendations. TIA I already have a call in to crist roofing
  3. I went to a local denist in hiram for both my kids. I was not pleased as I waited 2 1/2 hrs and the Assiant came out and said they wanted to pull 3 of my kids teeth and asked if I wanted to do it right then. They showed me no X-rays and I did not speak to the denist r even really understand y they wanted to pull them. I was not allowed to go back with my child. I would like to find a children's denist that is local that will allow me to go back with my child.ty.
  4. I while back I met a lady at walmart Hiram who had a small yorkie mix with her and the dog was a service dog for her and it helped her deal with her anxiety. Does anyone know any local organizations that do this? I know someone I want to check on this about TIA
  5. There was a lady at paulding meadow who made wooden signs.she had the large wooden Christmas trees that had letters on them and topiaries with large letters on them.i can't find her card and wanna order something. I have a pic of what I bought.tia
  6. Joel brown. He is a relative of browns pools but a separate company.i hqve used him numedous times for my pool and been very happy.everyone I have referred him too has been pleased.hes local in paulding.hes got good prices cause he dont have a ton of overhead.look up joel browns pool and spa
  7. Not that I know of.a friend of mine works there and has not been told anything other then they r closing.
  8. Heads up brandsmart will be closing sometime in april.ksu bought back the property and is building a football field.
  9. Just saw on facebook that the sheriffs dept says its open to the public.
  10. Anyone know how ridge road is? My husband is suppose to go to work today at noon.
  11. Read on facebook about bobo and 92 has slick spots b careful
  12. Problem with bus is mines in first grade and the bus stop is in the front of the neighborhood at the road.it stops two places in my neighborhood the front entrance and the back.I'm in the middle.so nope no bis for mine.
  13. Some of these parents need a good butt whoopin.
  14. O I pull around them but they don't care.hell they wave u around.what's bad is that it is always a different place they stop.
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