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  1. I bet it did. You did a great job on it.
  2. Big egg hunt at JR Miller Park in Cobb tomorrow.
  3. He's very proud of himself. At interim time he had one B ... pulled that sucker up. (I always feel weird about "what happened" reactions to a B ... it's still a great grade, which I tell him.)
  4. aroma therapy ... audio books in the car ... an extra 5 minutes in the shower ... glass of red wine (health benefits as well as sanity benefits)... massage ...
  5. I must have the misfortune of only trying West Metro when they are having a bad day. I haven't had notable customer service in there in a long time. Endless yard sale, absolutely on the good list. Bumble Bee Bakery is way up on that list, too. Yorkville Market, though it could use a good cleaning, the customer service there is solid.
  6. Yum! I got my daughter 4 petit fours when she turned four. She got such a kick out of the "little cakes." Guess I'll have to get by there with her to try yours!
  7. Certainly not now that the cost of tickets at the theater have gone up ... again.
  8. Don't let his bad deed ruin your good one ... can you take the food to a local food pantry?
  9. The title is misleading. Regardless, it is unfortunate that they have had "cost overruns" already. But as folks have already pointed out, "..."Every 1 percentage point for us means that we save $85 million of salary costs of sending people out to follow up on those non-responses..."
  10. It is a heck of a lot cheaper for them to send out the reminders in the mail than it is for them to send people door to door for the folks who forget to fill them out or neglect to for whatever other reason. And they are not technically over budget, yet. Some of the things that they have done so far did end up costing more than was budgeted for them but they have not gone over on the full budget.
  11. So I guess all of the flea market raids for the DVDs and CDs and all of the music download lawsuits etc. are examples of nobody caring. Not trying to be a butthead about it but, you're way off. There may be plenty of people who have no respect for copyright and trademark and the likes but there are plenty of people who still enforce them.
  12. It got much tighter after 9/11.
  13. The only judgment that I will make comfortably at this point is that the teacher screwed up. I can understand how she got to the level of frustration but she really did handle it wrong. Without further details, I won't say anything further about the parent(s)/school. I do know that there is a problem child at my daughter's school and the ongoing issue seems to be a combination of the school not fully expressing the severity of the problem and the parents blowing it all off as "normal little boy" behavior.
  14. The sad and unfortunate reality that there are so many parents who really do nothing.
  15. Certainly brings along the possibility of him being shot by somebody who may feel threatened, if he is really armed.
  16. So has anybody else noticed how appropriate his last name is?
  17. Well let them know ... it is already being discussed by our legislators.
  18. So now that the federal government has shown that they don't care what the people want, turn your efforts towards the state government. There is currently an effort to get a state constitutional amendment to opt out of the federal insurance nightmare. Got on the phone, start writing emails, write letters to all of your state government officials and let your voice be heard.
  19. (My "guesses" were all the letter right after or right before the KFC. )
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