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  1. I am pretty sure that Magistrate Judge Lisa Baty dropped it down to one charge when the sheriff's office asked for 9 counts. The DA will have the case in 2-6 weeks. They, along with sheriff's office, are overwhelmed with calls from all around the US. Our voices are being heard and I would believe that the charges will upgraded.
  2. I fully believe he didn't intentional kill them but he also had no regard for them leaving them in there for 17 hours. He should be charged with 9 counts..even if they are misdemeanors.
  3. All states I believe have made animal cruelty a felony. If this is indeed correct, why did he get a misdemeanor and only 1 charge at that? He had a problem with 1 or 2 dogs getting out in his.farm and I heard 1 of them.attacked another dog. So he wanted to re home them sunday. So he choose to put them in the trailer saturday evening and didn't come back until 1pm sunday. It was a horrific scence. My husband and another neighbor tried to help and husband told him to call for help..he chose not to..so I did. Why he could have opened the windows in his empty house and put them inside is ba
  4. It was their house..they just hadn't lived there recently. They still own it though. My previous post made it sound like there are still living there. Sorry
  5. The house was his wife's (they lived there together for awhile). The trailer was his. The dogs they showed in the video were not his..they were showing what the breed looks like.
  6. I am the neighbor who called 911 and animal control. He indeed does have a fenced in back yard and an empty house he could have put them in. He arrived back at his house at 1pm in the afternoon!! I am still shocked he only got one charge. ..the officer told me when I was speaking to him that it wasn't going to be good for him...well 1 misdemeanor charge is a slap on the wrist.
  7. The second egg was laid 3 days after the first. So it should hatch today or tomorrow (I hope).
  8. I saw it about an hour ago. The egg is really far up so I am thinking it is going to hatch soon?
  9. That is mom. I could have sworn I saw a line down the egg..lol.
  10. Looks like the second egg is hatching now...or maybe it is a shadow
  11. The fathers eyes are more round and look like he has eyeliner on. The mothers brow is more defined and she looks mad all the time Also the fathers head is more white and groomed then the mother.
  12. The father just left the nest. He was the one on the nest for most of the morning. Momma is on nest now.
  13. I believe that is the male on the nest now. He came in about 30 minutes or so ago and took over while she flew away for awhile.
  14. I work at the cobb county courthouse. The Square was a parking lot at 12pm. Me and 3 co workers were stuck at work until midnight and a sheriff deputy took us home.. even with chains on the tires it was rough in some spots. So glad to be home.
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