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  1. anyone know when and where the fall ball sign ups around Dallas this year?
  2. Dr. Cantrell at Summit Peds is awesome. He can't diagnose, so he will refer you to someone to get tested (He sent us to Dr. Townsend) and once he gets the results he will discuss treatment with you.
  3. I did see that. But I'd have to leave my daughter at our daycare and by the time I pay them, and then pay the amount Paulding county is asking...i'll be paying the same. I might as well leave them where they are. They still get to go on filed trips and do fun activities, I'm just looking for a possible cheaper alternative that wont require me to go to work late and leave work early to pick up and drop off. Thank you though. I'll check my church too.
  4. I can take my kids to their regular daycare that I use for afterschool, but the cost for all three of my kids during the summer would be $345 per week. (baby and two school aged kids) Buuuuttttt...... that's a whole lotta money. So I'm just looking around at this point for possible options. Do any of you have any recommendations for summer camp here in Paulding? That doesn't cost an arm and a leg?
  5. I'm helping a family member find a divorce attorney, preferably one that has experience with domestic abuse. Can you guys give us some recommendations?
  6. maybe. I'm only five minutes away from that and I'm considered New Hope. I consider everything between publix and sara babb new hope....I don't know the actual outline of the community.
  7. maybe. would that be the charge if you shoot into someone's house?
  8. that's what I thought but I can't find anything on it.
  9. Someone mentioned a drive by shooting in New Hope over the last few days or so. Near Sara Babb. Did anyone hear about this? I don't have any other information...I was just curious.
  10. I'm looking for someone new to cut my grass. The guy we've used in the past has gone up in prices, which I can understand except his guys tend to hit my dish (causing me to lose signal), and hit the exhaust pipe thing on my septic system on a regular basis. And half the time they don't reply to us when we call or message them or come out when we ask or they say they will. I'm just curious, who cuts your grass in the new hope area and how much do they charge?
  11. I hope they do. I don't know how I could continue living having that kind of information on my mind and not sharing it with the authorities to bring peace to that persons family. it's really really sad.
  12. I notice that girl hasn't posted anything new since the day they argued on FB.....she did however add his name to her about me section in a list of RIP's.
  13. Pauldingsoccer.com they've already started the season and had pictures taken, but you may still be able to sign up and take make up pictures if you want. There are six games left in the season (Saturday mornings) I believe. This is my first year doing it, but they may have something for the summer.
  14. I need a new one too. Do the Dr's suggested use their hands to adjust you? I miss the old method of laying you on the table and manually adjusting your back. My old Chiro moved out of state and the few I saw after that used a bunch of little gadgets to adjust me and I didn't really like it. I've got a great referral near work, but I'd love someone close to home that has evenings or Saturdays.
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