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  1. My daughter and I have claimed it as our favorite restaurant right now. We go at least once a week! The chili rellanos(sp?) are cheesey awesomeness! The chips crispy and light, salsa is great, salad is yummy! Best prices, too! And they have live music on the weekends, which is so good! Maybe we will go for lunch tomorrow. lol
  2. We are honored to be driving Cpl Todd Love in our limo. This young man, (and so many more) deserves our thanks for the sacrifices they have made in the line of duty. I am proud that we have a community that comes together to honor him and to help him celebrate his 21st birthday.
  3. Thank you so much for the great comment! We do love our customers. Janice and I (she and her husband are the owners, I am the manager) were just talking about how much we love what we do.
  4. I like cinnamon toast on sliced wheat bread, too! mmm, mmmm. And manwich sandwich open faced on sliced bread. And my son would say bread pudding. lol.
  5. I am the baby of 3 girls. My oldest sister is bossy, middle sister is typical middle child, and I am a pleaser. Guess that works well in our business, huh?
  6. I always picture you as young! But, I am raising my hand-and I am old! lol. I have a titanium rod in my right leg from a bad car accident. I swear the colder it gets, the more I hurt and the tighter my leg feels. There HAS to be something to it, because so many people say they have weather related aches and pains. We can't all be crazy, can we?
  7. I remember when the Kroger and Kmart opened. We were so excited! I had been driving to Dallas or Douglasville to do my shopping. It is definitely the end of an era.
  8. Weird. Not sure why. You can message me on our Facebook pageMy link. Our rates start at $100 an hour. You will have to talk to Buddy to get more specific. Call the bakery and I can give you his cellphone number.
  9. Hi! We hope everyone had a great New Year's weekend. We certainly did. We are back in the bakery today. Stop by and see us. Our customers look so good, we know not EVERYONE is on a diet! lol. We will be open our regular hours - 7:30am - 6:00PM It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life For me And I'm feeling good...and ready for something sweet~
  10. I have several suggestions. 1. Takes a bit more planning on your part, but is alot of fun. Hire alimo (amazingly, we have a limo! lol) Stock the limo with treats from the bakery. Have her invite say 6 or so friends and go on a Scavenger Hunt! You can prearrange it. Go to different places and leave clues for them to find, each leading them to a new place and a small gift for her. The last clue will lead them to you for a wonderful cake (guess where I will suggest you get it from? ) You could have them go to the mall and look in the bookstore at a certain book for a clue. Or drive thru S
  11. Dr Cantrell is awesome! His daughter went to h.s. with my daughter. I heard thru a close friend of his daughter and mine that the practice did not renew his contract because they were looking to save money and as he is a very experienced doctor his salary was the best savings for them. I personally think they should have asked the patients and their parents who they would prefer to stay or go. If I hear where he will be practicing I will post it.
  12. My daughter wants to know when the show will run and what the rehearsal schedule will be like. She is a college student majoring in musical theatre and would love to audition, but wants to make sure she she could manage the schedule so she doesn't waste your time if she can't. Thanks!
  13. OMG! That is one of our family jokes...because my hubby will watch the same movies over and over and over and over and over, well, you get the message. Predator, Aliens, Braveheart, Dances with Wolves, Batman, Bourne Supremacy movies, etc. It drives me CRAZY!
  14. It doesn't bother us at all, however, we get SO many requests for donations that there is no way we can donate to all of them. We feel bad but there have been weeks that we have had 10 or more requests for donations. Everyone tells us how it will be great advertising and they will put out our cards, etc. And we know it is, but being a a small business we just can't afford to accommodate everyone. Most people are very understanding though. Maybe we will get so busy and have so much business, that we can do more. lol.
  15. Me too! Thanks for posting it. It is a beautiful Christmas song. I also like My Grown Up Christmas List.
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