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  1. That really annoys me since my husband is truly retired and spent over 21 years ACTIVE DUTY. How many AD years did you serve?
  2. Ok here is something for you to ponder. When I first started a contractor job for the Navy awhile back, it was my job to scan and send to the whole entire Navy Squadron....(hundreds of people) the POW. Well it was pretty shocking to me that it said it was coming from my private email, when I was logged into my GOV email and sent it out that way on the GOV computer. Now figure that one out. I wouldn't call it Secret info...More of a need to know than anything else. The only way to read GOV email on a private computer was with a CAC reader and most people didn't take one home.
  3. Big difference, nothing was marked classified or deleted.
  4. At least people say it to you. I rarely hear that as a women. I just get told, you don't look like you were in the military. I watch Jane Fonda. Last movie was Book Club and there is no way I'm buying her hooking up with Don Johnson.
  5. When men are being sexually harassed, it is usually by other men.
  6. The Rally has ended, it was very peaceful for the most part. No injuries to any public safety or protesters. We had a handful of arrests. We would like to thank everyone for their awesome support and prayers.
  7. Wouldn't that be the wife's decision? What a sexist question. Why does the husband get to decide who the wive sleeps with? Now if they are married both should stay faithful, but still, she gets to decide not the husband.
  8. Good info, I always made mine from scratch.
  9. Both Wrapped It changes. This year it will be Ham with all the fixings. In the past we have done Prime Rib. Christmas day. Christmas Eve we go out or have something simple like pasta or seafood.
  10. Fake! When I go to all of that trouble decorating, it is going to stay up for as long as possible.
  11. Hmmmmm...... House Plan You'd lose $744 Senate Plan You'd save $168
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