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    Thank You

    14-35 relapses is normal before someone can get off Meth. It is wicked. Gotta keep trying, give encouragement but don't enable, give money or a place to live. It is very hard and has a very low success rate without jail... or the other alternative death. Unlike other drugs, overdose is uncommon. Getting the word out about this is important. Never ever do this drug the first time. It will absorb you very quickly. It use to sound like government propagada when they said you get addicted the first time you do drugs. THAT IS TRUE WITH THIS DRUG and it will take over your whole
  2. frustrating to try to be helpful, spend a lot of time posting things that should make sense. I re-read my long ranting posts to TRY to be as clear as possbile. I wonder if some folks are just closed to listening to other folks veiws. They only pretend or really??? do not understand anything said. taking a break from it. whew. exhausting. hey, i didn't mean to post this under South. please move to internet cafe. opps! thanks
  3. take a bag of Hershey kisses and give one to everybody you see that day... Hey I AM gonna do that for mine comin up in Oct. Have a great day that day, and everyone after that that you are breathing. On bad days try smiling even if you don't feel like it. Sometimes you can trick yourself into feeling better when everyone else starts smiling back.
  4. Let's pray the foster home she gets is a good one. Much worse things can happen to kids taken from their parents. Somethings that happen to these kids would make botox injections desirable. just saying.
  5. lol. Erica was kidnapped by someone who looks just like her... She (the impostor) said her name was "Jane Doe" when she introduced herself to Erica. The real Erica is still in the bunker (made up to look like her own bedroom) yelling to be let out. The impostor set off a bomb that blew up the whole building except of course the bunker. Seems to be a fanantic fan of hers. Always wanted to be her and NOW is pretending to be her. Happens all the time in real life... right? Her daughter already notice something weird. So sad this show is going off the air in Sept. It will be mis
  6. Very flattering to have folks interested. WOW, they want to join from other countries... for real? What? It is hiliarous mostly everyday. Who doesn't want a laugh at some of the weird, odd, smart, not so smart, different opinions, OUTRAGOUS things some of the folks on here, from who cares where, boldly go where no others will....lol
  7. wait and use it as a bargaining chip to stop her from getting a tattoo or something. I would hold all my cards, trust me when I tell you ... you will need all of them. whew!! you got a long hard (but fun)road ahead of you. Good Luck.
  8. I don't remember this. Never heard this. When and who got banned?
  9. Homelite weed eater... hard to start, hard to use, pain in my behind.
  10. Good Lord please help this woman heal. Comfort her as she goes back home and has to relive this awful thing everytime she goes into the room... In her own home. Scum bag got what her deserved. Poor woman, thankfully he got the worse of it.
  11. Is Cain a black man? never heard of him. Two black men running for president. WOW. we come a long way. Those backward racists will drop dead. lol Good riddance!
  12. why not just get the little girl in an aerobic class, shed some weight, that would be too easy AND wouldn't of gottin them on TV either.. Looks like Moma needs some exercise too. Just saying, she is going to great lengths to give her girl an advantage. How bout just loosing that weight. That would be much healthier.... lol understatment of the year. edited to TRY to rise to the high level of grammatically correct-ness some think is required to post on here. lol
  13. :rofl: good one... got my laugh for today. thank you
  14. Writing this with tears in my eyes. Seeing that little girl and what she went thru BEFORE her death. The mother is believable in the sense she says she doesn't know what happened to the baby. She was so wasted and busy getting wasted she lost her to who knows who. Some one may have drugged her to keep her still and quiet in the car while they all partied. JMO Seems as if the mother let her down over and over again. The one person who is suppose to be your protector, left her up for grabs. Who really knows what happened and we may never know what really happened. But GOD knows. y
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