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  1. Friday, October 9th, from 6-9 p.m. Poole Elementary will have their Annual Fall Festival. Everyone is invited, not just our Poole students. Admission will be $10.00. If you'd like to be a vendor, a 10 x 10 space is $25.00. You keep all your proceeds, bring your own tables, tents, décor, etc... Booths are available inside in and out and are staggered between games. We're only accepting 1 vendor per item or category. E-mail me for more info or for a vendor form at PoolePTA@gmail.com
  2. Poole Elementary will be having their annual Fall Festival this year on Friday, October 3rd, 2014 from 6-9 p.m. at Poole, located at 1002 Wayside Lane, Dallas, GA 30132. We have 14 Vendor Spots remaining and the cost is only $25. It's first come, first serve, with some spots indoors and some spots outdoors. We only allow one per business, such as only one Mary Kay or only one Tubberware, so no one has any competition. If you're interested, please contact us at PooleVolunteerCoordinator@gmail.com Thanks, Poole PTA
  3. If you,or someone you know, is interested in having a vendor booth at our Fall Festival, it's Friday, October 11th from 6-9 p.m. and the fee is $25.00. Please e-mail me at PooleVolunteerCoordinator@gmail.com for a vendor form and you can mail it to Poole Elementary or drop it off in the front office. We only accept one vendor of it's type. Thanks!
  4. Thanks momof3, I'll call them today. Making it is so much work and no one enjoys it. It's for our Fall Festival at school.
  5. Does anyone know of a place that sells cotton candy in bulk, already made and pre-packaged? And no I don't want the containers they sell at Sam's Club. I know about a million years ago there was a place on Atlanta Road in Smyrna that sold candy apples, caramel apples and cotton candy.
  6. I need 4 or 5 name tags made. Does anyone on here make them or know anyone local?
  7. Looked fine to me, minus the creek on the gravel road...
  8. So you truly think those things will happen if you go to a park in Atlanta?
  9. Funny you say that because all I could hear at Target today was some kid, saying everything under the sun sucks! I wanted to wash his mouth out with soap!
  10. Never understood why people rush them off to school. They have 13-17 years of school. Let them be little as long as you can. But to answer your question, they can go to pre-school whenever you want to send them. But to start actual 4 year old pre-k, they must be 5 by 9/1. My daughter's birthday is 9/22 and I don't want this year, her last, to end. I love having her an extra year! She'll be super ready for K in the fall too!
  11. Not at all being rude, promise - but we have teacher (or staff) appreciation week every year for just such a thing. This year it's May 6th - May 10th.
  12. This weekend if your last chance to go have your dog's or cat's picture taken with Santa. We'll be at the Petsmart in Hiram on Saturday and Sunday from 11-4 both days and Jennifer's Pet Rescue get's $5 from every photo taken. It's $9.95 and you get the photo in a cute frame, a free small bag of dog food and a bunch of coupons! Even my crazy little Chihuahua will be there, so hurry so she doesn't eat Santa before it's your turn!
  13. Mine was great! Wal-Mart, Target and Kohl's. My Christmas shopping is pretty much done and my goal was to be done this month, so mission accomplished. My top awesome deal was the Skylanders Giants and if you were one of the people that helped me last night -- thank you! If anyone bought an extra Crayola Twistables set from Target, let me know and I'll buy it from you. It's the only think I want and didn't get one.
  14. Those things have never worked for us and I've tried them all!
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