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  1. I agree about the bacon for sure. We love bacon at our house and with 9 people here, we go through a lot. But at Sams, they have 4 lbs of Smithfield regular bacon for less than $12.00 a pack. About a year ago, they had 3 lbs for $7.42, when it was more than $5.00 a lb at the grocery store. Needless to say we stocked up an still do.
  2. How ignorant are you Shallow Hal? Seriously IGNORANT?1 Lice knows no economic or social class boundary. My family experienced this in elementary school and we are in no way the 'white trash' of which you speak. That was a jackass comment.
  3. This is one of those instances where you should want the answer before you ask the question. Because my answer is, WHAT A JERK! I realize that it's your son, but insisting on an 18 hour drive for a first birthday party that a child won't remember anyway is selfish and manipulative. Not cool at all on their part.
  4. I've filed 3 reports with the Marshalls office, given them the info they wanted and ALL three were handled within a week. Crazy, I know! But when you do what you are asked to get something done, it's amazing the results you can get.
  5. I live on the Due West end of Mt. Tabor Church rd., and as of 2 hours ago, we have a really sweet pitty mix girl that won't go home. She's Brindle and white, with a collar but no tags. She came from the direction of Mt. Tabor, she's obviously well cared for and she is a sweetie. If you've misplaced your sweet pup, PM me and we'll get her home.
  6. People are ignorant and self centered.
  7. My daughter cleans houses and can give you references. If you're interested, PM me your info and I'll have her call you.
  8. If you were here, I'd take that big hug!!! Nope, it wasn't the dryer vent or a lint fire. The fire investigator took all the vent pipe and it was completely clear and they dryer had no excess lint. He siad it was the heating element. Luckily, we have full replacement coverage thanks to CC.
  9. Yep and I told the operator that. If it was a medical condition, they not only needed help but also needed to get off of the road. OMG, she kept asking me the same thing, 'Do you want to meet with an officer'? UUUMMM no. I'd rather you locate us and stop this guy.
  10. I am always supportive too and normally give LE the benefit of the doubt, but today really dinged my confidence in them.
  11. Yes, it was. And considering that I was coming from my burned house back to the hotel we've been in for almost 3 weeks, my nerves were a little frayed already.
  12. I was behind a white Ford Excursion with a red and white dealer tag on East Paulding dr today who was driving SOOO crazy that I called 911. He was stopping in the middle of the road, putting the car in reverse, going forward again, driving on the shoulder, crossing the center line, driving on the sidewalk in front of EPHS, etc. I was explaining all of this and the 911 operator who asked if I was going to continue to follow until help arrived. I said sure, then he pulled into a driveway, I gave her the address and pulled into Reece rd to see if he actually turned off the vehicle. Nope, he backe
  13. I'm totally with you on this one. It's my responsibility to protect my own child, not anyone elses from a food allergy.
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