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  1. Andy likes whatever I do. And I do all sorts of things.
  2. Anyone wanna get into my 'cuffs and holding cell?
  3. What we really need is to liven up the party and I've got the whip and handcuffs to do it. Who wants to give me some sugar?
  4. This topic is in the Cafe where our Rules are much stricter. It is not personal and there is no reason to make it so. Move on people, the bridge is out and the river is rising.
  5. Ssshhh, not so loud. My sisters are on board tonight.
  6. http://paulding.com/forum/index.php/topic/292495-restaurant-on-corner-of-61-and-scoggins/page__p__3691234#entry3691234
  7. WE are in the Cafe, people, act like it.
  8. Per OP's request, Topic Closed
  9. The name was OK. The telephone number and the full address of said establishment was too much advertising.
  10. Just a friendly warning. Let's not forget our manners while in the Cafe.
  11. You are welcome, darling. The fun never stops does it...
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