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  1. The report I read said it was copied after the questions of the 6th District election were raised and it was turned over to the FBI. I would love to say this is another thing against Kemp but it is a non story.
  2. They made a copy of all of it before it was wiped to get it ready to be used again. the copy was given to the folks investigating. I don't like Brian Kemp and hope he is not the candidate for Governor on the GOP side. This is a non story though.
  3. As I said, I want proof before I say he is guilty. There are many who would say it just because he refused to allow gay marriages or because he refused to take down the 10 Commandments. You can doubt it if you want but I don't. They hate Roy Moore just like they hate Trump. Maybe for different reasons. They should have to prove it. So far the evidence has proved a couple to be liars for sure.
  4. For many years some women have lied about who their children's fathers are and about being abused. It hurts those who are telling the truth. That is why I won't believe it without DNA or other proof. To convict without a trial is not the American way.
  5. Some of the parents in the Booster's Club had to know otherwise they would not have been held responsible for the loan. Someone could have said no. This was a deal that should never have been made by any of the parties..
  6. The Bank is getting no good will out of this. It was a bad loan. They are paying lawyers instead of writing off the loan? I guess it is their choice but I don't want to pay taxes for the remainder of the cost for a $900,000 field house just because some parents in 2008 thought their school was better than the rest. That is like building a garage on your neighbor's property while they are out of town then claiming they have to pay for it. SMH
  7. So you think the taxpayers should have to pay this loan that was taken out without the BOE voting for it? We should pay because a group of people wanted twice the field house that all of the other schools got. Each school was given $450,000. What makes EPHS special that our tax dollars should pay for such a bad decision. That should never have been done on property the people who took out the loan did not own. It had to end badly.
  8. We have been until recently. What do you think changed? I can think of a couple of things.
  9. If you think the liberal conversation is about a little gun control think again. An armed society is a polite society. We need more good guys with guns. Have you noticed that most of these attacks happen in gun free zones?
  10. You can't take away their trucks, cars, planes, and drones either and still have a free country. Thank goodness for the legally armed citizen who chased that guy down! We need more of the good guys with guns.The shooter was illegally armed BTW.
  11. The Congresswoman appears to be a self absorbed publicity hound. She must be afraid she will lose her mind if she takes off her cowgirl hat. Thinking she has already lost it. Sad to turn a Soldier's death into something about herself.
  12. I guess that is a matter of interpretation isn't it? That is what Judges do isn't it, We don't always agree with them.
  13. (1) Hew was not Trump's choice (2) He will not be a follower (3) He will join Cruz, Lee, and Paul in their stand for the Constitution and the rights of Americans there are more but this is a start.
  14. You would be wrong. I don't follow Trump like his little robots do.
  15. I haven't been played cause I don't play with folks who thumb their noses at the people who pay to see them play. They are spoiled little rich guys who don't have a clue in many cases what or who they are protesting. They need to play ball and stop it or go broke but what do I care. They won't get my money....
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