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  1. Hey Sexy I am doing well how are you doing? you can throw a rock through my window anytime whatever it takes Ladies whatever it takes
  2. The top 10 as of right now are as follows. will your name be on this list by 7pm tonight? Charlies Angels lovecanbuildabridge naturegirl Lady Raider MeWhoElse peach34 katt_138 RaidersRock SOLO BabeCake
  3. The top 10 posters for today at 7pm tonight will get a Mayberry Boss gave me 10 Mayberry's to hand out
  4. You don't want to make me disappear, do ya Rafe? xoxoxoxox
  5. I don't think it's safe. Mr. Clara is lurking around.
  6. Mt. Airy, You are looking fine tonight.
  7. Oh well then, make sure you clarify that with Ms. Clara.
  8. Bound and gagged. My daughter is not allowed to go near boys.
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