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  1. Thanks for sharing - I found the story very interesting. I do find it sad that they missed so many years together but I completely understand his reasons for leaving. To me it is obvious how much he loved his daughter.
  2. I haven't read any of the details yet but hated reading the headlines. It seems like something I read indicated that it was years and years ago that this happened. I'm wondering if that is the case if there is a statue of limitations on this type of crime. I pray he has turned things around and is willing to take whatever punishment is deemed appropriate. It always seems like when one of these stories come out the number of victims just grows and grows. I had a friend once who said she could never bring any children in to this world. She loved kids and worked with them and at the time I c
  3. I especially hate it when I see people toss cigarette butts out their windows. I saw someone do that just this week on East Paulding Dr. and I wanted to follow them and call them out on it but you never know what kind of crazy there is out there. I think I became especially aware of what a problem this is about ten years ago when my kids and I did a community makeover at Roberts elementary school. One of the kids and I worked the front of the school up by the road and spent the ENTIRE day picking up cigarette butts. It was disgusting. After that I couldn't help but notice them every w
  4. I've taken my son to NW Neurology 3-4 times and while I didn't care for the office or office staff I was extremely impressed with the two Dr.'s we've seen there. I don't have their names in front of me but both were very attentive and after seeing more than one Dr. that didn't take my son's symptons seriously it was nice to have someone listen and act like they were interested in finding out what was going on. Both of them were female. I will try to find their names and add them tomorrow. Edited to add- we've been to two of their locations and one was definitely much nicer than the othe
  5. I haven't gone yet but would love to. I have heard great things about the one in Marietta but there something about hearing stories so close to home that interests me even more. I was driving down town today thinking about how cool it must be. I dont' know if we'll make it to one this year but hopefully they are still around next year when time and finances are not in such short supply :-). I wish them the best of luck and can't wait to support a local business - it is not easy getting a business going successfully.
  6. Did I miss the poll this week? I clicked on one a few days ago but it was from a ways back when North and East played.
  7. I've had it in my shoulders a few times now. I'm actually saving up for a trip to the Dr. for a shot. Last time I had it in both shoulders I did the shot and PT and it made a world of difference over the previous time when I opted for meds only. The Dr. never mentioned it being reoccuring, in fact come to think of it I could never get a cause out of him either. I hate it though. It's nearly impossible to get a decent night of sleep. Changing positions hurts like the dickens. If you can afford it the shot and PT is the way to go. Prayers for a speedy recovery!
  8. I love U2. Haven't listened to any of their recent stuff but I may still have that Joshua Tree poster from my college days packed away somewhere. Anyways, I'm excited about getting some free music. If I don't like it, I'll just delete it or ignore it. I don't think the being able to add or access stuff from our phones is just an i-phone thing. I think it's more of a smart phone / technology thing. I'm not wild about it but it seems to come with the territory. I don't think I do anything crazy enough to bring attention to myself compared to all the others being monitored as well so hop
  9. Good luck. I do appraisals. A couple of weeks ago I had someone order appraisals on five properties of theirs that they rented out. One of the tenants was given less than 24 hours notice we were coming and two of the tenants were given no notice at all but welcomed us right in. I have never seen such clean rental homes. In fact, hey some of the cleanest homes I have ever been in. Then a few days after that I received another order for an investment property and the owner decided to meet me at the home. He said he thought it was a good opportunity to see what the property. I had a bad fee
  10. I'm not educated at all Endoscopies and anytime anyone mentions surgery I just assume it is serious. I know some are less serious than others but anytime I am going under I'm going to be a little bit nervous. I also had no idea if the biopsy or whatever it is was something that could have waited or if the Dr. felt it was necessary or that it was best if taken care of now rather than risking another procedure. I was just thinking that I'm sure he didn't intend to have what happened happen and that he thought at the time it was best thing to be done. Again, I am probably being naive but I ju
  11. Without knowing more I wouldn't be too quick to judge the doctor just yet. If he was her long time physicain and she completely trusted him to act on her behalf then he was probably doing what he thought she would have wanted him to. If it had turned out differently and whatever it was he did (I'm not even going to pretend to understand the medical aspect of this) turned out to be a life saver people, including Joan might be singing his praises. Maybe I'm niave and just give people the benefit of the doubt too often. It is sad that she passed away but she really lived life the 81 years
  12. That woman is amazing. I've taken a few things to her and could not have been more pleased with her work!
  13. Way to go Spartans! I heard via social media the final score for the North game was 56-35 Allatoona. Anyone have a score for the Paulding County - Alexander game?
  14. I'm interested to see how things go between North and Allatoona. If anyone is going I sure would appreciate some updates.
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