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  1. Shoot! I knew I forgot something. So sorry to move your topic, but all vents go in Paulding Place except for vents about school related topics.
  2. mrrshopper is new and this is an open topic. Welcome to Pcom.
  3. Paulding.com Rules # 2 ...The topic of aboortzion is off limits becaues Pubby's Rule is that it does nothing but make people fight. Let's remember the Golden Rule to treat others as you want them to treat you. That there is a really important rule!...
  4. Thank you for the reminder. I can never remember when to change the time.
  5. Slide it over, Sis. BBG, we will make it up to you later. The male mods should be back today. I heard they had bad luck on their fishing trip.
  6. Ahh, you can go with us on our next girl's night out. You should fit right in.
  7. Did I hear that you had a date with Deputy Rafe Hollister? He did not go on the fishing trip with the others.
  8. You can pick up one of my uniforms at the jail. Watch out for Otis!
  9. http://paulding.com/forum/index.php?/forum/209-womans-private-forum/
  10. We could have fun in jail.
  11. Click on Subscriptions at the top of the page and follow the directions. One year is $19.95.
  12. As she walked out the door, I heard her say That MAC.
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