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  1. Draw up an official looking document demanding property taxes be paid immediately. Make it a ridiculous amount and he should back off quickly.
  2. On a side note... There is a sign at the OLD Arbys location that a Japanese Restaurant is coming.
  3. There is already a business in the Old Fred's building. It is called Barretts. I went last week and was not really impressed. And it was kinda like Smiths Salvage. What the original OP posted about the description is NOTHING like what is in the store that is located at the Old Fred's shop.
  4. I'm happy we finally have a place like this in town. When I lived in Smyrna there was a similar business and it was great. As far as delivery goes, I had Sal's delivered last night. Most people don't realize they have more than Pizza and Italian. I got a burger, fries and a drink delivered for $10. Loved the burger. I hope this company succeeds and would love to see them add more options, like Waffle House and Ruby Tuesday.
  5. This family is near and dear to me. Praying that they feel the comfort of God during this difficult time.
  6. Can you please tell me where you read about the copter crash?
  7. EXACTLY my thoughts. I said this the day after the accident. She was not raped or robbed, but beaten horribly. Her husband has made 2 weird comments: 1- I am going to finish this. 2- I have no tears left. Then he wanted the pictures released immediately.....not adding up.
  8. What part of town are you in? My sister has pigs that keep escaping, I will ask her.
  9. Sorry for your loss. Thank you for showing kindness to someone that needed to know that people cared.
  10. Mrs. G, I am sorry that you are hurting. I do not understand how people can be so cruel lately either but we are seeing it more and more everyday. I never knew Spunkywoman but could tell by her post that what she needed in life the most was someone that cared. Thank you for caring for her.
  11. Lightening bugs. Sleeping in the backyard. Water from a spout. Homemade icecream. Then, when I became a teenager my favorite was Cruising around Kennesaw Mountain on Sunday afternoons and having water pistol wars.
  12. So sad. I too had recently read her post about going to the ER alone. Tho she seemed lonely I had no idea that it was this serious. Praying for her friends and family.
  13. There is an awesome KOA Campground in Ringgold. It is only about 20 minutes to Chattanooga.
  14. Maybe you could find a child or two to keep at home for the summer. I wish I could be more help, good luck to you and I really hope you find the perfect thing.
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