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  1. I refuse to beg for my team. We will either have our parents pay for it or we dont go... Its simple to me..... I refuse to beg for a SPORT for anyone and i dont give for anything either. I will either get my car washed or something for the money. Some how or way i will have a kid EARN their money. Say what you will but simply begging for money is a bad lesson learned as a kid. Look at our DO NOTHING begging society that believes you owe them things... Just because.
  2. I was VERY Disappointed in the 2 trucks. I had 100 Dollars and 3 kids with me and spent 8 dollars total. It was way too crowded for only 2 MEASLY trucks to try and feed folks.... I wont go back unless they have 6 or so trucks. it was a HUGE Disappointment.
  3. Genocide? Seriously....... I cant believe that someone supporting 3300 murders/aboortzions per week.. Wow... just wow... http://www.blackgenocide.org/black.html
  4. I think its Politics once again raising its ugly head. Seemingly those against aboortzion are Pro Life and those who are against the Death Penalty are Pro aboortzion availability.. Isnt this very odd? Kind of like how the Republicans teamed up with Obamba when the dems went against him with their NSA SNOOPING and DIGGING INTO OUR DAILY LIVES? Amazing how the 2 party system really joins together when in need.
  5. Purposely killing someone because you judged them.. Murder... Killing someone because you dont want the responsibility of taking care of it.. Murder.. Killing simply to protect your life or anothers because the action is happening NOW.. Thats protecting yourself and killing someone to do so is acceptable for as a trade for your own life or of those around you.... Killing by a car accident is an accident unless its premeditated or you made the choice to hurt your abilities to drive... Agreed.. But why should we give them yet ANOTHER Tool to do so with Capital punishment. Couldnt we simpl
  6. is it possible .. " just by some crazy chance" that someone could be murdered and you are set up as the killer? Would it be at all possible? YES.. Just like anyone with any talents with a computer could add anything from beastiality pics to child porn on your computer with a slight hacking job.. Then what? Do you see why it should not be allowed for the American Government to be able to kill an American on American soil? Again.. you are justifying the government allocating and accepting murder.... Could you or I be set up? Has anyone on Death row been let go because they are proven innoce
  7. I cant see any reason that anyone would trust our government enough to deal with life or death scenarios. To be pro life and Pro death penalty is crazy. I understand being pissed off and thinking that "id kill them if it were my kid" type of mentality. But with the true power of our government and its capabilities to ruin ANY OF OUR LIVES via Software adware as well as other ways for them to get rid of folks who are against them...... Its totally whacky to trust them with a LIFE of any kind. They cant even have a fair tax system or fair bid system or fair ANYTHING ... Yet you will trust them
  8. This is of course.. JMO.. The value of life has been lost due to many factors and the majority of them, Folks do not want to hear. 1. The govenment has shown that life isnt valuable by helping fund over 3300 murders daily with planned parenthood. 2. The government is also committing murder with "the death penalty" in many states. You cant realistically be pro life and Pro death penalty and anyone take you serious. Death and killing is simply murder. No matter age nor action. 3. The government has removed any ideas of Religion in schools and has continued to make issues with life b
  9. Lady inside of Julia's salon was killed by a male.... male is in custody. No relationship was given yet. I saw it on wsbtv.com
  10. I am so very sorry for all of yalls loss. Gods Grace among you all
  11. I am hearing 2 guys bailed out of their car shooting at cops. School is on lockdown and PC Sheriffs are in a foot chase and looking for these 2 guys. Not students.
  12. As i get older and my eyes get worse, i want bigger and more clear pictures to compensate. However I dont want just a big one. I NEED the smart TV so that i can make it and its wifi hook up to my Wireless and use it with Pandora and other internet things. Why go big only when you can go big and smart... All women love big and smart right? LOL
  13. Weather Nation on the same channel as the old weather channel is awesome. I like it much better.
  14. How many of the "fake" 1.2 million are paying through the system? Exactly NONE.. So is this sustainable? NOPE.. Whats the number one question asked on the ACA Website: How do i get exempted from ACA? LOL.. Seriously this is the number one question. Lazy folks always want what they dont have. Its YOUR fault parents for doing a HORRIBLE job of raising responsible kids. If your child is a Democrat/Liberal, then you did a bad job. Just sayin
  15. http://www.ghsa.org/html/stateinfo/laws/checkpoint_laws.html
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