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  1. Why the hell would I care? Im not voting for Donald Trump. Im not even a effing republican. Just stop talking to me you drunken waste of air!
  2. Shut the hell up dingleberry, nobody was talking to you, not that anyone would.
  3. Once again, The judicial branch's place is not to make law, it is to decide if a law is constitutional or if a law has been violated. The COURT (judicial) made the only call it logically could. If you dont like it, then YOUR job is to hold your LEGISLATORS accountable and have them write up a law and have the GOVERNOR sign it into law so that the Judicial branch can then impliment ssentencing for a law violation. Your pissing and moaning about it accomplishes nothing.
  4. Did you expect any less? His cranial rectal inversion is recurrent not acute.
  5. Well clearly your views and the views of the populous differ greatly. Probably explains why you didnt stand a snowballs chance in hell when you ran for office. Guess you werent qualified, what with your attitude and all...
  6. Well best of luck to him, hope things go well for him outside of his head because inside of it is either guilt ridden or sociopathic and neither is enviable.
  7. Your title is somewhat incomplete and potentially misleading. Muslim Extremists who were members of ISIS did this. Your title is akin to saying "Christians protest gay firefighters funeral" when it was members of WBC. One does not represent the other, and yes I acknowledge the number of violent Islamic extremists does tend to seem more prevalent these days, but to blanket an entire faith, IMO, is generally not an accurrate way of portraying them... unless theyre scientologists.
  8. Bullcrap. One of the things that makes our country so great is that we can freely express opinions through speech and through action or inaction. If we wish to not vote we have that right. If we wish to burn a flag to make a statement we have that right. No i dont agree personally with every method legally within our freedom, but I do beleive in freedom. If you want to burn a flag, or a bible, or a yarmulke, or a good cut off beef well youre welcome, youre a jackass, but youre welcome. Be free to not vote and complain, be free to say the wrong thing, be free.
  9. I predicted the good ole' boy would win. Sinces thats everyone who ran I wasnt wrong.
  10. I agree with the court's ruling; it is not the place of the judicial system to legislate. This is an oversight on the part of our legislators. blame them, not the courts.
  11. Nope, came from Terrorists which is worse.
  12. I stand by my original post in this thread... you tiny tiny insignificant people.
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