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  1. With the price of veterinary services, insurance might help. Which ones are good?
  2. Ok I have a few utility trailers you can use that are various sizes. 5X8 also 6X12 and 5X14 so contact me.
  3. Being a retired union president,I have seen botyh sides in the wrong.The Union is a balance between worker and management. Today people want there benefits such as medical and retirement but talk nasty about the union. Look the county and state workers need the union. Its there choice,keep getting days off with out pay, and give up other benefits but expected to do more for less. Stop the madness!
  4. Our sub division has a need for a web site,if anyone has the need to make money and build a web site.Primary function is to announce functions going on in our 120 home sub-division.
  5. If anyone interested please send e-mail.mikefritz134@aol.com
  6. Does anyone know of someone that can build a web site for our community?
  7. You people are rough,how ever a coach is valuable. Has anyone heard how coach reid has done after he left East?
  8. Does anyone know this new coach? His back ground or what schools has he coached.The football program at east went from a very good program to a very dismal one.
  9. Now since you've been to businesses about where to park.Whats the answer? You are in a non win situation.The action would hurt so many businesses.
  10. Ok I wonder if there is a room big enough for a time out?
  11. I think there comes a time where facts do not count.What happens to the black officer who shoots the white kid? That news isn't important is it?
  12. I would like to see two strong parties.I believe it would make both parties work hard and would be held more acco untable. See as long as the republicans have it easy they do not have to work hard. I would like to see a labor party also,then we would have choices.
  13. You know people,I like Paulding.com.Can you imagine it going away?right now this is news about our county.Every one can voice there opinion so sometimes let's give Pubby some room.
  14. Ok here is what I want to know,would the airport produce jobe for our county.Who paid for those big signs that are against the airport?
  15. You know I didn't see that.I will show him that I am glad you noticed and thanks.
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