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  1. Absolutely. Good point. It s very real problem...could be. Do we know what she does for a living? Munchousens if often a mother who does or has worked in the medical field.
  2. Very good point.When I first questioned her story, I had no idea about the death of her older son. So, when I learned this, it only made me feel even sketchier about her story. If Im wrong I will shout it to the world but I just think something is VERY wrong with her story.
  3. Honey! You need a big ol HUG! Im so sorry about your foot and that you fell. I can tell you that my now 19 yr old son had severe jaundice too. I was a new mother. He had a fever the 2nd night after we brought him home so I took him to the ER(alone, I might add which was the beginning of why Im divorced...makes me so mad! lol). They admitted him and immediately stripped everything off of him including his little diaper. He only weighed 5 lbs when we brought him home so he was sooooo tiny. They couldnt find a good vein and had to put the IV in his head....sweet Lord, that almost killed me even
  4. Agreed!I have a friend whose husband is a police officer close to Savannah. He said the police ARE "iffy" on her story. Something just isnt right. How many parents did we see the day or 2 after Sandy Hook, etc? A bereaved and shocked parent, or most of them at least, would not and could not be able to do interviews.
  5. You just read my MIND! I felt completely duped and offended by Susan Smith. I was a new mother and her Alex and MY Alex were born on the very same day and same year. When I heard her story I was so concerned that it made me sick. For days I felt like that as I listened to sweet little details about both boys. Well, we all know what happened next. I have a strong feeling in my gut that Baby Lisas mother and this mother have more to tell at the VERY least.
  6. Im older than 38 but a tad younger than 68....just wanted to stop and tell you that I love ya, Postman! I hope that beautiful Jordan is doing great. Im sure she is growing like a weed! Mimi is too.
  7. Well, I personally DID do this after a 16 yr abusive marriage. I had been to Charleston, SC a few times. It is just everything that I love- the South, sand and the ocean, beautiful architecture, wonderful food and a laid back, not very fussy attitude. I was very blessed to have been able to do this financially(I had saved a long time). I spent 5 weekends there over a 4 month period. There is something about looking at and taking in the vastness of the ocean that is a strong reminder to me that God is always in control. I learned SO much about myself during that time. I was going to a counselor
  8. Right there with ya! Interesting....I posted the story on FB with a comment similar to mine here. It now has 79 comments. ALL the men who posted didnt even question her. ALL the women did and feel just like we do. Mothers intuition? I find that very interesting.I took a chance on starting a firestorm and posted how I really feel. If Im wrong, Ill admit it. I just dont see any tears and there is something very big that is missing and I personally think she knows what it is. Investigators put a lot of stock into the reactions of someone after losing a loved one.
  9. oooooohhh! I just wanna kiss her pretty little head. Congratulations to you and your family. She is BEAUTIFUL! I love this and all of her pictures. Isnt it so amazing to realize that YOU have a GIRL?!?!? It was for me after having a boy. He was every bit as wonderful. It just feels like a miracle in and of itself to have one of each! She is beautiful. Hope you are feeling good:).
  10. Im just not buying this story as it is right now. Something is not right with this mother. People will suffer through gun shots, etc in order to follow their plan. NOT saying she did but all my sense tell me that something is NOT right about her story. Me too! Susan Smith and the mother of Baby Lisa is all can think about when I see her watery eyes but no tears running down her face. She seems to enjoy the attention. The father reportedly is too devastated and declined all interviews. Now THAT makes some sense to me. If she was looking for her child, etc to be all over the news is one thing
  11. I feel so out of the loop. Just thinking about her being over due and wondering if she had her baby yet? I would NOT have taken being late as well as she has!
  12. I was told that Mason jars dont "count" as a glass. TOTAL bs in my book. Well, I love both of ya. BOTH of you make me laugh SO hard. If anybody is around, they think I'm nuts, which...?....welllllll....but you 2 DO crack me up.
  13. Waterford, Connecticut. I DO have an alibi.
  14. Overdue=MISERY to me although I havent had to go through it. I was induced with Mimi last year. Only in labor 5 hours but it was more intense than with my son. Of, course, that was almost 20 years ago! This time I was induced because of blood pressure, etc. One thing I hadnt heard of before was magnesium can make you really dizzy. Dizzy was fine since they couldnt get my epidural to work but for 12 hours after I gave birth, I literally had to keep one eye closed to be able to walk or keep my vision focused. I'm sure THAT looked really nice coupled with my extra 35 lbs and my nose gushing with
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