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  1. Around 8-8:30 tonight all traffic was detoured off Hwy 61S just past the New Georgia ballpark and detoured off at 4-way stop at Nebo Rd. I was shocked to see an 18 wheeler with DOUBLE trailers sent off the main road onto McGuire road which is really only big enough for 1 car to travel safely!!! Must have been something major happening in the area.
  2. Well, it took threats of delivering this fridge personally back to Home Depot (thru the first plate-glass window I came too), but I have finally received a replacement refrigerator!!! Everything same as first purchase....wish me luck. I can't imagine having a problem with a second one, but I went into this thinking I wouldn't have a problem with the first one either. Its nice to have the problem resolved finally. Even though they have left the "bad" one sitting on my front porch and will "pick it up later" . How ironic the REPAIR company calls while they are here delivering the n
  3. If and when they deliver another one, rest assured I will be looking a little closer.. When the manager called me back, she offered me three options. I had purchased a 26 ft. Frigidaire....She said she had two refrigerators available, one was a 25 cu ft, Amana, the other a 25.5 cu ft. Whirlpool... The other option was to replace with the same unit I have (would take 7-10 days to deliver). I told her I would take the replacement and would expect delivery in that time. She was shocked when I told her I wanted the same refrigerator I had originally purchased. I asked if she knew something I d
  4. UPDATE....After a heartfelt discussion with a few of the folks at Home Depot as well as a couple of conversations with friends of friends who are employed at Home Depot, they have finally agreed to replace my refrigerator. They are supposed to deliver on Thursday..Thanks to all on here for your help and suggestions. Trust me, I will never buy a major appliance on-line again. I am still not sure this will take place because 10 min. after I hung up from agreeing to this, my daughter-in-law received a message saying the new icemaker for this one was in and they would be out "Friday" to repl
  5. I did call that office and asked for the Manager over Customer complaints....was put on hold and forwarded to "computerized' voice mail once again at the "customer relations" center. Talking to a "live body" seems to be a thing of the past!!
  6. Well I made my trip to the Villa Rica store and talked with the Manager. I explained my situation, showed him all the people I had talked with...He was very nice, took my info and assured me he would be making some calls to expedite a solution, even though his store was not involved in the sale.. He agreed they should give me a new refrigerator, he just needs to find out "who" should do it. That was at 2:00pm today. He assured me someone would be getting back with me....so far nothing. I will see what tomorrow brings. For their sake and mine, I hope they call tomorrow.....
  7. Ok, I have been on the phone all morning with Home Depot offices with no luck in getting this thing picked up. I cannot believe the last one I spoke with told me I only had 48hrs to repot the unit as "defective". It then goes into the "repair" mode. I called my credit card (Regions) and explained the problem and asked if they could intervene and dispute the charge or call the seller as it says on their website and was told "you don't fall into the category for us to do anything, you will have to return the item to the seller if it is defective". I explained once again, this is a refrigera
  8. Unfortunately, not too much leverage there as I have already paid it off. I bought it in mid-JAN so its a little over the 90day mark. My main question is, if you pay over a thousand dollars for an item, shouldn't you expect it to work more than 30 or 60 days? Should I accept the fact and let them to continue to "repair" or should I be hard-nosed and demand a new one??
  9. I purchased a stainless side-by-side refrigerator from Home Depot on-line on Jan 13, 2014 . They delivered in a few days.. (they told me when ordering it was mandatory that I buy a new water line for 10.00 bucks or else the warranty would not be good). When they came to deliver, they used the existing water line....no problem, it worked fine. I asked the guy about the new one they had charged me for and he acted as if he didn't know what I was talking about. I noted on the delivery receipt no new water line was installed. Very sloppy delivery....water was spilled on hardwood floors, din
  10. Ok, who is TBAR the Snake Hunter???? How can he be reached? I seriously need to know what kind of snake is in my basement!!!! I posted a thread earlier today regarding this...
  11. Do you happen to have one I can borrow for a few days? The one in the picture looks like it would be a good one to have around. Most of the cats I have ever been around sit waiting on someone to feed them..lol.
  12. That's a good idea. Problem is I haven't seen evidence of mice down there...Mostly furniture items, boxes of curtains, clothing. I actually thought about going to the pet store and buying some mice and put them in a cage down there and see if anything happens...I am just afraid they might escape... WHAT KIND OF TRAPS DID YOU SET FOR A SNAKE??
  13. I think I could have gone the rest of the day without hearing this...Something to think about!
  14. I had heard of this but when I talked with a guy at Home Depot, he told me this was not true...I was going to put some down after seeing a snake in my back yard last summer..I don't know what to believe.
  15. OK, I need some snake questions answered by someone who knows.....or tell me who to contact. I have found a complete snake skin (about 5 feet long in my basement) It's BIG....and I don't know if it is still in there or not. 1. Can you tell by the skin what type snake it is? If so, where do I take it? 2. If its still in my basement, is there someway to make it come out? 3. If it has no water source, how long can it survive? 4. Is there anything I can spray or put out which might make it come out or whatever? I haven't been in this side of my basement in quite awhile... That side
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