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  1. I hope they will be okay, and close enough or at (now) some where safe. AK is reported as of right now, having another tornado. This makes 3 so far, in matter of hours.
  2. We are in a tor-con of 5 to 6 for a tornado at the moment. Which form that Forbes guy from the weather channel (which is where I got my information) is 50%/100 and/or 60%/100. This is going to be very interesting for sure come Monday night.
  3. lucky64


    I just saw it. Very caddy, and childish.
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    What? What are you talking about? I guess I should scroll down.
  5. Yes Pubby, I know this. I was stating that today we are under Flood. Look up the weather alert for our town. Even the Weather Channel said we have a flood threat. And the tornado warning I put up is for Monday /Tuesday.
  6. I see taxi service in the county all the time, not just in the city limits. Even in New Hope.
  7. It started to rain in New Hope and we had some thunder. His name is Chris, and you will find him here: https://www.facebook.com/WGAW4U Also, we are under a flood watch and it was said we are 90% good for a tornado. Meaning Northwest Georgia. Which covers us.
  8. Yes she has. I'm just worried a good wind will catch here. Especially with the storms that are coming in. You just want to put one of those firefighting thingies, that people jump into under her tree, so that she doesn't get hurt.
  9. I wasn't outside in the sun, but I did see some badass bands in Atlanta tonight/morning.
  10. Don't you think we have enough grocery stores in Paulding County? If they were going to do another one, it should be a Trader Joes, or Whole Foods.
  11. B3 is standing on the very edge again. I wish she would just go back in the middle of the nest and go to sleep.
  12. Last night and tonight B3 has been in the nest all by herself. Not even a parent on a tree branch. Wonder where they are and what they are up too. I hope they are close enough to protect B3. Maybe it's because she is so big, that they are just letting her have the nest all to herself. Today she was cute. Jumping all around and flapping her wings. I only seen her eat once. I believe it was left over Coot. I haven't seen a parent in two days.
  13. LPPT, they were by McDonalds on Merchants Drive around 8:30PM. The traffic was awful from all directions. They had cones out, cars parked at the bank (I guess from the one's that were arrested), it was just a mess. And to the poster who asked if there were Cobb, Douglas, Paulding there, yes all three were there. Even a K-9 was there, and he was two vehicles up front of me. When he was waved through, he turned into the parking lot.
  14. People don't follow those signs that say 45 on 120 towards the Avenue. Even an officer said that people don't follow them, and that they really can't/won't do anything about it, for the simple fact that they will be pulling everyone over. They know that people are still dong 55 on 120 and as long as there isn't any problems, they aren't going to in force it. This coming from a Cobb County Officer.
  15. What on God's green earth are you talking about????
  16. That or they are looking for people with outstanding warrants. The officer just asked me for my license.
  17. OMG, how precious was that??!! I loved it!
  18. Just checking out license and insurance cards. Making sure you are legal. Same ole, same ole.
  19. When you posted he's back, I thought you meant that fox.
  20. I haven't seen one of my good snakes yet. Me love my good snakes.
  21. They're nothing but to laugh at. And you are probably talking about initiations. These kids aren't sheeze, and they aren't going to do anything except to each other. Sure, they might grow up to be hoods, and steal, do drugs, etc. But, if you confront them right now, they would run. One thing the schools have said to me: Middle school and High school are nothing but hormones running amuck. That goes with their brain chemistry. They think this life is wonderful and see the cash being distributed around from the drugs and what not, and they think it's the high life. So, they form a pox
  22. That's what they need, a taste of a bad section of Atlanta. Like I said, bad asses until they get a pimple on their ass, then they scream the loudest. Oh, let them go to one of those prison's and have the inmates have a go at them.
  23. They all want to be known as bad asses, and drop to their knees the minute they get a pimple on their ass.
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