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  1. It looks more than just widening the road to me.
  2. Northerndancer43, the development is on 92 going towards Powder Springs from Dallas, left side of the road.
  3. Does anyone know what is being built on Macland Road? Looks like it is going to be a LARGE development.
  4. Anyone know what the deal is with the helicopters flying tonight?
  5. Did anyone hear 2 loud booms late this afternoon and early night? Sounded like a blown transformer, a gun shot or some kind of loud explosion. About 4:15 p.m. and 8:30 tonight.
  6. Are you talking about the noise yesterday morning about 4 a.m.? Sounded like a plane buzzing the tree line.
  7. More facts have come out, haven't they. 1. He did NOT have a c/c permit. Never applied for one. 2. He matched the description of an armed robbery suspect from just a few days previous. 3. Before you are so quick to judge, wait for the facts.
  8. Does anyone know when the Islamic society of Paulding co opened? I didn't know that there were that many here in the county.
  9. Just wondering, was there an accident with a fatality this morning or just a bad accident on Hwy 120?
  10. Does anyone know what kind of band if playing at the park tonight?
  11. who was the developer for Riverwood?
  12. cootsmama


    Is anyone having issues with water pressure in the Bobo Road area?
  13. Hey gacat I found it on twitter too but now I can't find it at all. where did you find it please?
  14. Does anyone know what is happening at the corner of Bobo & Mt Tabor road? Police are everywhere and a fire truck.
  15. cootsmama


    Has anyone else seen a coyote roaming around the Bobo/Mt Tabor area for the last few nights?
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