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  1. When I used to go to one I did. $12 for the cut, gave him $15 and let him keep the change.
  2. Thanks, Ill take it by there on my lunch break.
  3. I thought about leaving it outside my shop(bobo). Anything you leave always gets stolen...
  4. I would rather have it recycled or whatever?
  5. You! At a lunch. I think AtlDav and a few more where there.
  6. I need some Good food fer lunch! Ill be there in a few!!
  7. If you ask my Grandmother its breakfast, dinner, supper. I say breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dinner being around 7ish.
  8. Correct. But I have always thought there was something fishy about this case. Its just something about that lady... I think more will come out.
  9. hmmm http://www.wsav.com/story/22811137/update-parents-test-positive-for-gunshot-residue-brunswick-toddler-shooting Parents Of Murdered Brunswick Toddler Test Positive For Gunshot Residue
  10. Sam, it was nice to meet you and the crew today. The special was great!! Ill be back next week to try that steak sandwich out. P.com: If you havent been you are missing out!
  11. Ill be eattin with yall today! Any recommendations?
  12. Cool, Im gonna try and stop by for lunch today. If not I will be by in the next week or so.
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