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  1. Thank you both. Tonight is our last night for 2013. As for 2014 I have 10 months to figure that out. Chistmas is 329 days away which means I have a tad less than 299 to decorate for next year. LOL.
  2. Sorry we never posted. I figure after 8 years of the lights I didn;didn't need to post. Plus trying to keep low key. Keeps traffic light except for the weekend building up to Christmas. We did downsize a little this past Christmas, as we almost took this year off. Glad to see people missed us. Have a Happy New Year!
  3. CBS 46 had bad info on that. Evry year people hit us up with contests and some we enter and some we do not. There is a 2nd contest that we are involved in where the winner gets $500. We have not really pushed it because the Patch contest would be a much bigger deal for us given the prize. I did an interview today with the local patch and it is still unofficial but voting is over. We will keep you posted.
  4. They are finalizing and verifying everything. Much closer race than I thought. Still not sure how inthe world the other house pulled off so many votes in such a short time. I think we are ok. We should be.
  5. Ok ALL my friends please take the 30 seconds needed to vote for our house. The school district in which I teach will win $100,000. The 2nd place house has managed to cut the lead in half and voting ends at noon today. So I urge you to vote. http://deckthehouse.patch.com/entry/1082785
  6. We decided to add a little extra help to the vote. Actually stole the idea from our chief competitor.
  7. OUr lead is starting to slip. We are now less than 600 votes ahead with less than 16 hours to go. Voting ends December 28, 2012 @ 12:00 PM (EST) The RI house has managed to erase about 200 votes of our lead. http://deckthehouse.patch.com/entry/1082785
  8. The contest will end tomorrow. Either at noon or midnight not sure. They had to restart the contest on the first day and push it back because of a glitch. So keep it up. Last check we were up by about 700+ votes. Thank you all for your support.
  9. So did you come see them and what did you think,
  10. Keep this ont he first page and keep voting. Make your kids votes, family from out of town,e tc. There is know reason with the size of the community and schools we cannot blow the doors off this thing. Don't worry the light bill is already paid. LOL
  11. Thank you all for the support. It goes to either the 28th or 29th. Not 100% sure. CBS 46 is coming out Christmas Day too. Hopefully that will help.
  12. Want keep this on the first page. And Keepnup is correct. You can register and opt out of emails, just click the box.
  13. Once again we entered the Patch contest and are a finalist. We are trying to win $100,000 for the school system. Please vote for us once a day everyday till Dec 29th.Use your Facebook if you have it. http://deckthehouse.patch.com/entry/1082785
  14. Taylor 46, that puts a smile on my face. I also have to ask what camera was you using? Good color.
  15. One thing I will say though is I do truly have a lot of disappointment not for the fact that we most likely will not win but that so many (media, PCSD,etc) chose to not to show support till the last 2-3 days and I promise you we tried since we found out. It We went form just under 4000 votes Friday to probably over 8000 at nights end. One cannot help but think what would have been if this would have heppend a week ago. When you see the winning home get full support from their local media (almost daily news stories.) and their schools system (check their webpage) it really makes you stop and think. Tha being said, We want to thank every parent, student, Pcommer, and anyone else for the support they gave us once they got word of what was going on. Many people on here kept my post from Dec 30th on the first page of the IC so it would be there for people to see. We had parents of people I teach as well as people we have never met hand out flyers this weekend, call the media again and again, and post everyday on facebook. That is the type of thing that really helps a tow/city become a community. If there is another contest similar in years to come we'll get em!
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