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  1. Is anyone selling smoked turkeys or smoking turkeys if you bring one? My whole family has the flu and I don't think anyone will be cooking
  2. Thank you Mojo! Saw some great reviews for him online. Will give him a call on Monday!
  3. To rich for my blood Surepip. I hope somebody on here knows someone
  4. Can anyone recommend a good honest mechanic? My wife has 2005 Kia Sorento and the dealer says that the A/C Compressor is bad. They want $966 parts and labor. That seems ridiculous to me. I see them online for less than $200. Thanks!
  5. My son is looking for an old Blazer. He wants to sell his car. He has a 2005 Ford 500
  6. Mine is $11 and I just give give him $15 total.
  7. And TP, you're a pathetic person to derive pleasure from the fact that a conservative (or anyone else for that matter) is not getting the benefits that WE, as citizens of the United States, were PROMISED by a man running for the highest office in the country. You, TP, of all people should feel shame that people aren't getting treated as they were PROMISED, regardless of their political leanings. If indeed you derive pleasure from that or you don't feel shame about it happening, then you are no better than those you seem to hate. And in fact, you may be worse than those you seem to hate.
  8. I work from home one day a week, occasionally 2. I would love to work everyday from home. I commute from Dallas to Dunwoody. My work is project driven so it is all about how well the project goes. I get so much more done at home and do not have to put up with all the office politics and back stabbing.
  9. I'm in no means a doctor but I do have a friend who has MS and the first thing she did was cut all aspartame out of her diet. Especially Diet coke. If your s-i-l mom drinks Diet Coke that would be the first thing she should cut out. You can google MS + Aspartame
  10. Good luck with your estate sale DB!
  11. Wife had it Saturday, I had it Monday through today. I still am not 100% and regret the coming to work thing
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