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  1. LOVE Fireproof and just watched it again recently. I have the love dare book and never finished it but have been thinking about doing it again. Such amazing advice and way to live and how to treat your spouse. We just watched another movie by the same guy called "Courageous" the other night and it was a great movie as well, it was about being good a good father, I think the channel it was on was GAC, it may come back on, and Walmart has it for $10. The husband enjoyed it as well. Good luck on your challenge
  2. I havent been on here in a while and got to reading the thread about the new restaurant Cuban Delights and it intrigued me and I needed to go to Tractor Supply anyway and I typically choose drive throughs over going in but for some reason I decided to go in and Im so glad I did. First off, if the food was lousy, I wouldnt regret my visit because I got to meet the owner Sam who is quite honestly the nicest man Ive met in a very long time. I really enjoyed our conversation!! Secondly, the food was AMAZING! I have never had Cuban food and I got the cuban sandwich and it was outstanding, the flavo
  3. Please please call me when you get this so I can pick her up. I am beside myself and want my baby back and I won't be able to sleep with her gone. 404-379-4358
  4. I am about to die waiting on Sushi to call me or reply so I can go get her! I just reached my parents and told them to go home that she was found!
  5. It is my Darla!!! I have been riding around worried sick!! I just pm'd the sushiboofay~! Waiting on their call !
  6. I am so very saddened to hear this, she was my 7th grade teacher and one of my favorites! I saw her a few years back and talked to her. Does anyone know details of her passing?
  7. Because people may be long time friends with someone and not talk to them often, as so often we get caught up with life. I have friends that may not know or be close to my family and I would hope someone would post my name so if someone whom may otherwise never have known of my passing, could pay their respects if they wanted to.
  8. I am so saddened to learn of this. I looked forward to seeing this sweet baby girls face every afternoon as I picked my son up from school. She was the most angelic little girl I have ever seen. My thoughts and prayers are with her family right now and I pray that God wraps his arms around them and comforts them during this unimaginable time.
  9. Do you live on Smith Ferguson? Thats where Ive seen the pink can and actually thought about switching to that company just for that can because we live on a main road, but when I googled reviews of that company it made me nervous and we have been with pwr for so long and never had a problem so I figured we shouldnt switch. I would like to paint mine pink though..haha
  10. In Florida there was an suv with a huge mustache on the front grill like this one, I had never seen them...
  11. Hugs for you! Im so sorry for your loss, I will be faced with this before I know it and Im not sure how Im going to function. You are in my prayers for strength during this horribly sad time!
  12. I've never had anything but great service from Greystone
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