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  1. The Good Ol' Boys run things... always have, always will. Please make a note of it.
  2. Anything Pro-Trump must be considered inflammatory hate speech and will be banned by Barney Fife.... however, if you love Obama and thinks he's hanging out at the creek walking on water, then anything you say is just dandy. Your distinguished colleagues (the left leaning moderators) have alienated many pcommers and they've left for greener pastures because of nonsense like banning Breitbart. Breitbart speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. please make a note of it.
  3. If you think Tide Pods are good...
  4. interest in the original has petered out, so they need to try something different.
  5. Remember the LA riots after Rodney King ? What about Ferguson? Now there's Memphis? Looters and rioters should be SHOT ...DEAD. That might send a message that we won't tolerate this type of behavior.
  6. I still don't see why police have a "stand down" order when folks are throwing rocks and bottles at them. I'd mow them down. Wonder what'll happen at the 2020 Democratic National Convention when Stacey Abrams fails to get on the ticket for VP... Do you think we'll have a repeat of 1968? Antifa will be tearing up the place and the po-po will stand down.... sickening.
  7. Okay. So this year it's Memphis. The traveling Summer Black riots will start in TN. The media will be flocking there in droves accusing locals, 'whites', of every r@cist name known in their liberal dictionary. Never once talking about the crime, or crimes, that started the riots, looting, and killings. The Summer riots have begun, first stop, Memphis, TN. https://www.foxnews.com/us/memphis-police-officers-injured-in-unrest-following-shooting-reports The mayor of Memphis said the following.... As I monitored tonight’s fatal shooting involving the US Marshal’s, I was prou
  8. Something about the inner ear can cause the dizziness and nausea and something about the teeth can cause some of your symptoms as well. I'd agree that a 2nd opinion might bring better news. A minor surgery may take care of it after all, you just gotta keep the faith that the docs will figure out how to fix what's broken. Best wishes on getting this difficult situation behind you.
  9. I like Tim Conway, a very funny guy. True Story... Back in the 70's, when my sister was a teenager, she worked at Aunt Fanny's Cabin in Smyrna. Tim Conway ate dinner there and he left a $100.00 bill for a tip for the waitress... very classy guy.
  10. I'm surprised Hitler hasn't shut this thread down. In the past, the mere mentioning of this topic would get you put in the penalty box for a week.
  11. Something fishy is going on...threads have been hijacked/edited... I suspect the mods are trying to drum up a few more clicks before their pathetic little site vanishes like a fart in the wind.
  12. Paulding is not a tourist destination. Move along, nothing here to see. AND STAY OFF MY LAWN
  13. Pubby and his ramblings...makes me wonder if he and the Postman were one and the same.
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