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  1. Anyone know why Main Street in Dallas will be closed the 6-13 to 6-17?
  2. Anyone know what they are building in front of the old Kmart?
  3. kvncrdn

    Stolen Tag

    We had a car stolen a few months ago. All we had to do was go to the tag office and tell them it was stolen. They just "kill" the tag and you pay $8 for a replacement. You dont have to have a police report. I got my tag last week and they did the same thing for the man in front of me who had a tag stolen. You wont need a police report.
  4. B98.5 always starts on Thanksgiving.
  5. I have had mine up sense the monday before Halloween. No one really sees mine but me. I have both my grandmothers trees up and will have the outdoor decorations done tomorrow. We do Christmas at her house and Thanksgiving at my moms. I will do my moms tree for her next Monday. We over do so I have to start early to enjoy it.
  6. Criterion for sure. Right before my great aunt passed away she had me sell some of her jewelry. Mark by far gave me a better price than everyone else. He has made a custom anniversary ring for my mom too. And I know 3 people who have purchased there wedding sets there. They are amazing.
  7. I noticed tonight they were working in the old Ms. Winners and it had a sign up that it's gonna be a fish place. Anybody know anything about it?
  8. kvncrdn

    PC hospital

    It was built in 1958.
  9. Yep they closed last Monday I think. I work for a restaurant in Hiram and we have the same beer rep and he was telling us how they ordered some stuff on Fri but then they were out of business on Mon.
  10. Am I crazy or does anyone else have their tree up? Anyone started Christmas shopping yet?
  11. My grandparents were telling me they heard they were putting a tree lined median down Confederate Ave. I asked a few people and some say its gonna just be at the cemetery and that they are gonna do trees at the curb the rest of the way down. Other have said it is gonna run all the way down. Anyone know the plan? And are the plans available to view online?
  12. I have a 1993 Taurus with a blown head gasket and I cant find anyone to do it for under $1100. Wish I could find someone to do it cheaper but can't.
  13. I work in a restaurant in Hiram and we were very caught off guard with how busy we were last night. Looking back we have been on open house nights. So I am sure they had no idea that they would be that busy there first night and that they were caught off guard with it being open house night for the schools. I think we are gonna try them today.
  14. It can be a little much at times but I am gonna miss Monica. I have met her at some charity events before and she is an amazing speaker and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. And she has always been on channel 2 as long as I can remember.
  15. My dad lived in that house when they first moved to Dallas back in the early 60's. I have never heard that it was haunted. It was so sad to see it torn down.
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