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  1. Join us this Saturday, July 11th, at Taylor Farm Park for the annual IndepenDANCE celebration - Concert and Fireworks. There will be games and activities for the whole family from 5-7pm, Concert at 7pm and Fireworks to follow at Dusk. For more information call the Recreation Office at 770-445-8065.
  2. Hi, BlondieGa1, I sent you a message. Yes, it was cancelled due to threat of bad weather. We have not been able to decide a reschedule date yet, but working on it. I will keep everyone up to date when we do! Thanks for asking about it! In 14 years of coordinating, it was the first time to cancel and I was very disappointed too!
  3. Tried to get home on E Memorial near Legion Rd. last night around 9:30pm and road was blocked, police everywhere. Does anyone know what happened?
  4. We are working hard on getting a monster truck. Have several leads...keep your fingers crossed!
  5. Saturday, April 26th is the 13th annual Touch a Truck Day at Mt. Tabor Park from 10am - 12noon. Bring the whole family out for a free event that is fun, informative and gives the community a chance to sit in, honk horns, blow sirens of local county and business vehicles such as DOT trucks, police cars, fire engines, Fed EX trucks, Sparkles Roller Skate Car, LifeFlight helicopter and so much MORE. For the 4th straight year, Radio Disney Atlanta will be broadcasting live from the event with games, prizes and giveaways. There is still room for more vehicles. If you own something unique and are willing to let kids and BIG kids touch and sit in, please contact Tena Eddy at teddy@paulding.gov or at Burnt HIckory Park at 770-443-7540. We are specifically looking for motorcycles, wrecker, garbage truck, Hummer, Monster Truck...or anything you think is COOL!!!
  6. There are great parks here in Paulding County to picnic in....White Oak, High Shols Falls, Burnt Hickory Park, Ben Strickland Park in Hiram to name a few.
  7. "Paulding County Board of Commissioner's government facilities and courthouse will be closed Thursday, January 30, 2014, due to the inclement weather." Brian Acker, HR Director Paulding County BOC This means there are NO classes, or basketball practices in any of the Paulding County Parks tomorrow. Please pass the word along to any and EVERYONE you may know who might be enrolled in one of our classes. Thank you!! Be safe!!!
  8. Yeah, beginning to think you and I are only ones that heard it!
  9. Absolutely, "Over the Moon"!!
  10. I just asked the same question!
  11. Anyone know why sirens are going off? No weather issues!
  12. Also a requirement for FHA loans and mortgages in Virginia. My boyfriend moved down here after selling his home in Va. and Virginia is another "high granite" state and his levels were too high so he had to "fix it" with an exhaust pipe and remediation, I believe they called it.
  13. I have had plantar fasiciitis and heel spurs most of my adult life and have never heard of "busting" them? This is an inflammation of the fasica tendon underneath the foot (arch) and the inflammation pulls on the heel where the tendon is attached, thus causing pain and over time...calcifications which in turn cause spurs. Treatment is usually ice, alieve or similar anti-inflammatory drugs, orthotics in the shoes, and a heel boot to wear at night that stretches the tendon and relieves the pain in the morning.
  14. This event has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date!
  15. Paulding County Board of Commissioners and Parks & Recreation in conjunction with Greystone Power is hosting the IndepenDANCE at the Pole Barn - concert, fun, food and fireworks!! Taylor Farm Park Saturday, July 6th food vendors and fun and games begin at 5pm Concert by Timeless Highway begins at 7pm Fireworks at dark FREE Event will go on RAIN or SHINE!!! 77-445-8065
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