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  1. I was stung twice growing up. Something I don't want to experience again.
  2. Just finished Killing Lincoln. Now reading Let the Great Work Spin
  3. I think it was somewhere between '83 and '85 because I was old enough to remember it. Snow Jam '82 I was only 1 and a half.
  4. Anyone remember what year it was that the pipes froze at the Paulding County Hospital? I was there as a very small child and I can't remember the date.
  5. I know its been a bank, hot dog place, HHH Bbq, rodneys, Benson's now happy hawg. I think it might have been something else between the hot dog place and HHH Bbq.
  6. I personally would have told my husband to get over it. But we had it easy since we always liked each others mothers. Hubby had a friend that when his mother in law came into town, he always had a 'business trip' for most of her trip. Meaning after she had been there for a few days he would tell her he's really sorry but he had to take care of the business. Then he would go to the next city and check into a hotel. Last I heard he still does this and mother in law doesn't have a clue.
  7. Its probably just me but the 'my pleasure' annoys the crap out of me.
  8. I have family coming in town later in the year. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of space in my home so we are looking at local hotels. Does anyone have any feedback on the Sleep Inn or any other hotels in the area? TIA!!
  9. Gossip Girl What TV show do you watch just so you can see a certain actor or actress?
  10. Was that an ice cream shop? I vaguely remember it. I was very young when it was around.
  11. We have a few Chuggington and lots of Thomas. Kiddo likes Thomas better but Chuggington doesn't seem to eat batteries like the Thomas' trains do. I think I bought the Chuggington at Walmart and the Thomas trains at Walmart, Target and recently Totsy.com.
  12. One tip is to buy smaller plates. The larger the plates the more people will pile on, even if they aren't that hungry.
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