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  1. My husband likes Sport Clips in Hiram - I know he gets the hot towel thing sometimes.
  2. My husband likes Sport Clips in Hiram - I know he gets the hot towel thing sometimes.
  3. Well, most of us *do* buy water - there are some who buy it twice. I don't drink as much water as I should, but when I do, it's tap water. And when I want to carry it out of my home, I use my Platypus folding water bottle. I actually don't have a problem with plastic bans when there are equally viable alternatives that don't clutter landfills.
  4. Let us not forget that he is petitioning to sue the state on behalf of a six-year-old survivor (read that, HER PARENTS). So the attorney isn't the only low-life in this story. I hope they're planning to move out of that community ASAP, because I doubt they'd find much support among their neighbors.
  5. Wasn't there a similar confusion last year? Maybe the Patch needs to clarify its rules.
  6. I've seen those reports on the news. Looks more like a case of dumb, careless parents than any design flaw.
  7. He should have hired an English major to vet his website.
  8. I am one of 'those' people. One of the ones who don't look sick or handicapped. I have a handicapped parking placard, but unless you know my name, you might think I am using someone else's. I'm not. On good days, I forego parking in the handicapped spaces. On bad days, if the handicapped spaces are all taken, I turn around and go home. (Yes, I have really done that.) It's not at all unusual for me to have to stop between my car and the store and take a few deep breaths before I can continue walking - and that's when I *do* get a handicapped space. I always wait to cross
  9. There are still many people who aren't attuned to using the internet - perhaps she's one of those. And of course there's also the possibility that your birth mother doesn't *want* to be found. She might also be deceased. I'm not advising you to give up - just to ponder the fact that a reunion that's not sought or welcome on *both* sides can be more painful than no reunion at all. Best wishes to you!
  10. I consider expression and tone of voice far more important than whatever is actually *said*. A sincere 'No problem,' said with a smile, is far more pleasing than a canned 'You're welcome.'
  11. I got a Nixle alert about an accident there yesterday.
  12. I guess it's possible that things have changed since I worked retail, but I would wait a couple of weeks to return something unless there's a deadline on the receipt. AT LEAST wait until the chilluns are back in school. Stores are usually swamped with returns the week after Christmas, and sometimes longer.
  13. On the flip side, the friend might be embarrassed to get a gift when s/he has no gifts to give in return. I know I would be.
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