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  1. I think you guys mean County line road!
  2. She is coming along with her signing! Check here out here Pubby, I tired to embed it so people would stay on your site. Advise if you want me to.
  3. If you are alone or just can't afford a holiday meal I am doing something I did a few years back. many of us came from other places and had no place to go so we started a Christmas Eve dinner. My wife goes to her parents and with my kids being older are in and out. I am going to do a turkey, bring something or not. Dec 24, come early is you like, we break bread at 3 I live in Hiram
  4. BH87

    Estate Sale

    I will grad the air compressor if the price is reasonable. I can come by this evening
  5. BH87

    Mail service

    I get my neighbors mail often. I few years back they never closed our mail boxes, we kept complaining and the carrier actually confronted my then wife and yelled at her. I do everything I can to avoid giving USPS my business after that. I have not logged on here in a long time but had to reply to this thread although the mail mafia may visit me so I should delete it. Beyond local issues they also trashed a $540 order I shipped to NY via an Ebay sale. They would not cover it or fix the packaging and told me I could pick it up at the post office in NY. I had to cover it out of my own pocket an
  6. They tried this in Schenectady, NY in the early 80's. We ended up with a bunch of empty strips as business moved just outside of city limits and built there. It sometimes can mean just 1/2 mile up the road for a new plush retail setting. I had a business off Bill Carruth almost at the corner of Hiram Sudie, that was Paulding county business for tax and fees, moved to 92 and Hiram Sudie where Pat's is now and that was Hiram. I am sure PowderSprings would love this so they could populate 278 with shopping and reap the benefits.
  7. We got some great peaches and apples at R&A Orchard in Ellijay. If you have not been in a while they have done a lot to downtown Ellijay and Blue Ridge. R & A is on 52, take 575 until it end into 515, 52 east and R & A is on the left a couple of mile ups
  8. Desktop or laptop? If it is a desktop open the case back up and unplug any devices from the system board. hard drive, dvd, and especially and card that plug into the board. Turn it on, if it fires up one by one add those devices back and try turning it on each time. Often a bad device can drag the entire system down. If that does not work it is your system board. Laptops are all in one these days so you usually just have to replace the system board. Best bet there is to look on Ebay for one just like it that has a bad screen but the rest is fine. PS I would let a shop do the board in a la
  9. A Hiram icon for sure, he was there for many years.
  10. I was up there a couple weeks ago and got a large dogie door for $25.
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