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  1. we ate at The Place and loved the food choices; ours was excellent; atmosphere is nice; not a cheap place, but very good food; they have a real chef and it was noticeable!
  2. If you want to eat HIS way.....no fries, no slaw, no lettuce, no tomato, no pickles. He expects you to put chili and mustard only, because that must be how HE likes them. Unbelievable. We couldn't have ours like WE wanted. A combo is a burger or dog, sack of chips, and a bottle drink. no plate, just the sandwich wrapped and put on table. PERIOD. The chili is watery, tomatoey, about 1/4 onions. Cheese is the fake American slices. He is loud, a one man show, talked to us the whole time we ate, at the tall tables, (one older lady needed help getting onto stool). We just don't go to
  3. I've heard this exact same story, but it was a man trying to get to his Grandma's funeral in ATL, AND he smelled of liquor. I said no, I didn't know how to get there and had no money and he drove off, as I called 911 to report a drunken driver.
  4. we visited the Grand Canyon by flying to Las Vegas, drove to Hoover Dam and took tour, then on to GC, stayed in UNAIRCONDITIONED cabin (don't recommend this), on to Yuma, AZ, then San Diego (amazing) and back to Las Vegas. We didn't like LV, but that's just us. We don't gamble and the sleaziness is off the charts. GC defies descriptions. We visited Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse memorial and the BADLANDS after flying into Rapid City, SD and driving to Yellowstone for too few days. That was a fabulous trip. The Badlands are indescribable and Yellowstone....I long to return to that place....w
  5. We flew into Buffalo, rented car, hit a few house/yard sales and rented a room with a view of the falls. ABSOLUTELY agree with The General; we loved it; must stay on Canadian side. We rode around the countryside, ate a few meals in small towns, everything so clean and beautiful! GO
  6. I always think about sitting on the horn, when I'm behind an idiot on the phone or texting or reading it or whatever; infuriating
  7. I saw him outside last week; I always honk twice when I go by...IF no car is close by me, just to let him know he is remembered
  8. a bit off subject, but how much do you top your hairdresser? I've been giving about 20%, but wonder what others do.
  9. where I taught in Cobb County, we were told to quietly send the class to a neighboring classroom , and wait at the door for an administrator to handle the situation; between the administrators, counselor, custodian (for carrying!), it was handled. Parents or custodial parents had prior knowledge (in writing) what would occur, if their child chose to misbehave in such an outrageous manner. These children just don't make a sudden change in behavior that day; this had to be a rather common behavior for that girl. I don't agree with the extreme physical handling, but as a principal told me, "on
  10. 75% of Powder Springs El. students are on free/reduced lunches; a church provides sacks of food for kids to take home on Fridays, to get them through the weekend! Unbelievable. The parents I used to see there had nice vehicles, I phones, vacations to Chicago etc., but also Medicaid cards, section 8 housing and everything free that was possible. One said "hey, if they're giving it away, we'd be a fool not to take it." Staff were told to keep purses locked in trunks. Not the PS we used to love. A realtor told me I-20 opened up the flood from ATL.
  11. sounds like she is making the local rounds
  12. A young, nice looking black woman approached me in a local craft/hobby store and said she had run out of gas and could I help her. I directed her to a manager for help. I followed her and saw her approach another woman. I told an employee, who looked at her and said, oh my goodness, she was in here last week and left with a lady and walked to the bank. An employee, in undercover, followed her out, got car description and tag #. She drove off in a tan/goldish older Saturn. She was pretty, soft spoken, dressed in lt. pink dress. She told the other women a sob story of needing $ for a fami
  13. and urinate on MY mailbox post....grrrrrr....kills flowers, grass
  14. I won't go into details, but I have one major tip: do NOT accept a dr's statement, after looking at and biopsying a lump, "let's watch it for 6 mos. and see if it changes." Then, 6 mos. later, well it hasn't changed on the ultra sound, let's see it in 6 more mos. After TWELVE months of watching, I had stage 2b breast cancer. The biopsy was in the center of the lump, cancer cells must have been on the EDGES. My lymph nodes were then involved, EVEN tho the lump looked the same, still. I had to go through aggressive chemo, radiation and am still on meds, with nerve damage and brain fog, BE
  15. It's called neuropathy; I take gabapentin, also for nerve damage from chemo. It makes me sleepy, but has made a big difference. Try your primary doctor and good luck.
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