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  1. Great post, and thanks for sharing. Thanks! Can I ask what your feelings are about your evangelical days now that you're an atheist? Are your kids, having been brought up evangelical, still religious? I'm a little angry at times, not at the people involved...but in myself for not knowing better, I guess. I was at a very low point in my life when I happened upon evangelicalism. I do see the threads of how I ended up where did evolving with me for many, many years. I've always tended to be skeptical but for some reason I fell in line with this hook, line and sinker. So I think
  2. Yes I did...there are actually a lot of early histories of Tarot. No one is really sure which one is correct so it just adds to the intrigue of the cards .
  3. I'm also an atheist. I consider myself one of the 'new atheists' in that we aren't abrasive assholes...or we try not to be. My stance on the existence of a god, any god is pretty much solidly in line with MRNN. I am a humanist. I was an evangelical fundametalist Christian for almost two decades. I was not raised 'churched', other than occasional visits to church and VBS a few times as a child in the late 60's, early 70's. I came to Christianity in my early twenties and being strongly evangelical, I kind of converted my entire family. I raised my children in that church and homeschoole
  4. I completely agree with this one, even though I LOVE Sam Raimi, I was so disappointed with this. Slasher movies are good comedy. Foereign horror is SO much better. I can give you a good list if you are interested . I have a few, 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'. I saw it in the theatre when it was released and for the life of me I have never been able to figure out the appeal. 'A Serbian Film'...I just can't even explain. I will never get that film out of my head, messed up in all of the wrong ways. I regret ever seeing it. Hands down it is the worst thing I have ever seen. 'God's Not De
  5. I just had a friend on FB say, "I didn't realize you had to be 'jumped in' to be a Palin member".
  6. I agree with Mark...as much as I detest her it has not been confirmed that she was there. I wouldn't doubt that one of her grown children were, but who knows?
  7. Ken Ham, Kent Hovind and their creation 'science', the young earth theories and pretty much everything that comes out of their mouths have been debunked so many times as to be ludicrous. Please get your information regarding evolutionary theory from a more credible source. Like the real scientists and paleontologists who study the field.
  8. I remember last year when my daughter and I pulled alongside a Cobb County Sheriff Dept. vehicle in motion. The deputy in the vehicle was texting on her pink cellphone while driving 45 mph. She glanced up and saw us and realized we saw her. I didn't get my phone out fast enough (I was the passenger) in time to snap her picture or I sure would have. She took off from us fast enough that we didn't get her car number either. SO selfish. I can't believe people are stupid enough to do it. I really can't.
  9. More power to them (the family of the victim). I have nothing but sympathy for them. When I faced in court the woman who took my Mama's life, I wanted to punch her in her face. She was an idiot, and she ran a redlight while driving a school bus. She served as I recall, 10 days in jail, and I wanted to smack her in her face. She ran a redlight. Involuntary manslaughter, whatever,. This person, I hope he hurt. I don't believe in hell. I am an atheist, so... I hope this hurt.
  10. Nah, I'm more for Alaska than Colorado...but I know my buddy Jenilyn and I am all about some John Denver . I'm completely neurotic, agoraphobic and every other anxiety ridden term you want to assign to me. In my late 40's I can finally embrace and understand it.
  11. How funny that this thread shows up in recent posts . I LOVE Captain Kirk, Spock (Leonard Nimoy was one of my first loves). I am old school Trekkie, in a house full of Star Wars fans, it's rough lemme tell ya. There would be no George Lucas if it hadn't been for Gene Roddenberry. That being said, I have seen (and this is generous) maybe 3 episodes of the New Generation. But, even at that I would rather watch ALL of them as opposed to Star Wars. Them's the facts, Jack . Captain Picard is mega hot. however <3. J.J.Abrams has done a good job, not excellent, but good...casting Simon Peg
  12. I was really sad to hear this. It's a lot more serious than most people understand, even for us here, Have any of you read Richard Preston's 'Hot Zone'? I just finished it, myself. For that reason, I'm kinda freaked out about this.
  13. I'm not even a christian. I worked during the first two years of it's opening for the man who had franchised the Chik-Fil-A in Hiram. He was a very nice guy. Not a 'cultic' company, by any means.
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