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  1. JJ~ You are an amazing man, with a huge heart and one of the warmest smiles I have ever seen. Praying for you and your family tonight.
  2. Team Chiropractic is amazing! Very reasonably priced, and excellent customer service. They really do turn the "Power On"... It's amazing how much better I feel now than I have in years, since starting to go see them.
  3. I know...I am FULLY expecting some damage in the house until he gets the hang of it (especially considering I also got one for each of my brother in laws, and they will all be opening them at our house. )
  4. My husband is such a kid at heart, he is going to love this =)
  5. I am in love with this couple! They had no idea how to use their new computer, and didn't realize that they were being recorded. They remind me of my grandparents
  6. Poor little guy!! I saw the picture of the stitches on FB I took a video of my Bonus Daughter at the dentist when she got the good stuff (she was 5), and she just kept petting the walls and asking me why I had 2 heads now. I told her mom that ANYTIME she needed to go back, I would be happy to take her!!!
  7. Thank you for these great laughs this morning~ Just what I needed to get the week off to a great start! Kids are the best
  8. So, I was driving home with my 7 year old nephew yesterday, and he said something was "scary as crap". This has become one of his favorite sayings, so I decided to call him out on it. "Taylor, since when is crap scary? I have never seen a scary crap. Crap isn't scary!", trying to show how goofy this saying is. His response? "Have you ever seen my mom's crap? It's SCARY." I almost had to pull the car over I was laughing so hard! Another time, a 9 year old that I was nannying told me that she hadn't gotten her "3D boobs" yet, but her sister had. So, what funny things has a kiddo
  9. Miche will be releasing a FOURTH size, the Demi Bag, in September! The Demi is right in between the Classic and the Big Bag (Prima), and along with the base bag, 6 new Demi Shells will be released! In addition to these new shells, there will be 2 new Mini (Petite) shells, 3 new Classic shells, and 3 new Prima shells...Tons of new options for the purse lover! Call or pm me with any questions.
  10. Thunder is great, and very reasonably priced!
  11. Thanks! I just joined the group... Looks like a great page!
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