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  1. Most of the HOA's I've dealt with did not have an outside management company handling stuff. Often the board moves to have an outside management company brought it to dealt with those issues just so they won't have to do it themselves. But the majority of the homeowners had to vote and agree to hire the outside company. The problem with outside property management is they do everything to the letter with no variations. However, if enough homeowners wanted to bring the HOA management back to the homeowners and fire the outside company, they can do that too.
  2. I don't even know why we need someone to 'read' the weather forecast since all they do is repeat what the National Weather Service tells them to say.
  3. 50% chance someone might get a couple of inches tonight...
  4. Just wait until the next year when the employee mandate kicks in. When everyone has to pay for maternity coverage, no caps on mental health or drug treatment all of the premiums will be going through the roof.
  5. I think there was one Walmart that we went to that had markings on the floor for walkers to follow and keep up with the distance they walk.
  6. I wonder how much the Braves will be paying for new interstate and interchanges at 75 and 285? Without new road construction they'll have to be careful not to start or conclude a game around rush hour. I also heard that this new stadium will have fewer seats than Turner Field. They're hoping to have more sellouts by reducing the capacity.
  7. The President wanted the government shut down and planned for it. Anyone who has worked with the government knows that it takes months to get requisitions, bidding, awarding contracts, etc. through the government procurement process. In less than 8 hours after the shutdown, they had professionally printed, 3' x 4' signs all over the country by the thousands, saying something about the facility being closed due to the government shutdown. These were not signs from 17 years ago. These were new signs, designed, made to specifications, requisitions processed, bids posted and vetted, and contr
  8. Yeah, and the media is putting the headline out that she had "MENTAL" issues. What if there had been a mad man laying down in the backseat holding a knife to her child, which was making her drive that way? She never rammed a barricade or injured anyone. The policeman who was injured was injured when a barricade popped up under his car. Since when do the police now shot to kill the driver without determining the situation? I guess we'll start see this on the COPS shows, so instead of using spike strips to take out the tires they'll just start gunning down drivers and asking questions later.
  9. I know the details are still coming in, but for some reason I just don't think that we'll ever know the full story about the unarmed woman who was shot to death by Capital Hill police. No one knows if she took a wrong turn and got frustrated, maybe her child was ill and screaming, who knows? I guess we'll never know. But I just don't trust our government to get to the real truth of this story.
  10. Lady in her car with her child tried to ram the gate at the White House. Got out of her car and fired shots. I guess she was upset with Obama for not signing the bill to fund her WIC payments...
  11. It's a roaring success! 167 had signed up in the past 3 days in Connecticut.
  12. So the last bill the House passed and sent over to the Senate had language that would put the Congress and the President and administration under ObamaCare. So if this thing is so great, while did the Senate reject that and shut down the government?
  13. We used Security Center of Georgia and the monitoring is only $12.95 per month. All of the prices for devices are on their web site.
  14. I75 N to I-40E. Go through Knoxville and then Exit 407 Highway 66 south into Sevierville.
  15. Some people don't realize that this means that the Fed is PRINTING money without anything to back it up. You've got to wonder how long it will be before other currencies lose all faith in the USD.
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