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  1. I am guessing they will give him credit for it against the deductible but he had to pay it.
  2. My brother was in an accident and the car had to be towed because the bumper punctured the tire and the bumper was just far enough back that it would puncture the spare if put on. Other than that, minor damage, the other car was only scratched and drove off. The state partrol called the service they use, they picked it right up and took it to their yard six miles away to hold until the body shop opened the next morning and delivered it there which was fifteen miles away. No debris clean up, no precarious pick up, no different than just picking up a car with a flat and delivering it. The bi
  3. Probably a lot of paying members who never look at their bank accounts/credit card statements and let the charges continue. Even though it is obvious Pubby has zero concern for the site anymore, he will not pull the plug and lose that $$$....
  4. I didn't see any argument, a discussion maybe but no argument. And The Texture is right, it is good information for everyone. However, what The Texture is saying is incorrect. The class D license clearly states that after certain time periods you are allowed passengers at certain 6 month increments. A class C license is not available to anyone under the age of 18. To say that the person can apply for the class C after meeting the two six months increments is incorrect. http://www.dds.ga.gov/drivers/dldata.aspx?con=1740671758&ty=dl
  5. If they have been driving a year they can have three, not sure if the driver was the 17 or 18 year old, but unless I am missing something they would be fine with 3 people in the car.
  6. Global Painting and Renovations are top notch and do quality work.
  7. What did you do? I get the same thing for months now.
  8. Oh my good lawd... I agree with gog8tors. Get the hell over it. Damn....
  9. Nope This guy is saying I realize that I need to keep my mouth shut and keep my personal beliefs to myself. I am so freaking sick of this politically correct world where people crucify others for them supporting their beliefs in whatever way they choose. If I disagree I don't go all whiney, I take my business elsewhere. Funny how all those offended back when this all blew up are right back shoving those chicken sandwiches in their faces. Apparently they weren't too offended after the bandwagon left.
  10. First, this is over a year ago, move on. Second, he is a business man and doing what is best for his business. Anything wrong with that? He still isn't changing his stance on the issue but backing off being so vocal as not to offend particular customers. Seems very smart.
  11. I think Pubby should enlist you as a campaign manager. You be sure to spread your support for him! Spread the word far and wide and be sure to be there campaigning for him at the voting booths on election day!
  12. Hopefully everyone will look at how you run your business and treat your paying customers before they consider casting a vote for you on the ballot. Lowrider has been one of your biggest supports both on the site and behind the scenes. Your response is low class.
  13. That has become the runner up... It's pretty good but not nearly as good as the Hot Mustard.
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