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  1. Free to any one who needs it, reclining love seat.
  2. I know, & why not? I just recently discovered that all the attachments/pictures from years ago are still on here. I want them GONE. & besides , I cant post any more pics
  3. No, I still do not see the option to delete .
  4. When I go to post new topic, it tells me to "manage" my attachments for more space, I click on that & there are so many pictures/attachments from years ago. BUT it does not give an option to delete (or to do anything for that matter). So how does one "manage" attachment's???
  5. Well, the way I found out , I tried to post a picture recently & it says I have reached my quota for space for attachments
  6. I did not know that every picture/attachment I have EVER put on here is still here & that it uses space. Please someone tell me how to delete all that. There is no option to delete my own attachments. Thanks
  7. Where are the NOT secure in red letters? & what does that mean? I tried deleting attachments , but I don't see the option.
  8. OK, now I see edit in a reg post. the mistake I made was posting under "My attachments" & I cannot delete it or edit it there. I didn't realize everything I have ever posted thru the years is still there. using space. HELP
  9. Free reclining love seat. Must pick up. I would post a picture , BUT, it says I have used all my attachment space. = I go to manage attachments & there is no place, that I see to delete.
  10. JSC


    Free reclining love seat. Must pick up. send me a PM if interested
  11. Free reclining love seat. Must pick up.
  12. Yes I believe that's what it's gonna be. We drive by there almost everyday & things have just stopped.
  13. Does anyone know why they have stopped construction on the (whatever it is) going up on corner of Bill Curruth & Virgie Valentine in Hiram?
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