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  1. I saw this on my way back from Dallas. I was praying for a miracle that the person on the bike made it. The bike was completly destroyed.
  2. I remember this, too. My ex-brother-in-law was one of the lead detectives on the case. He said they know who did it but don't have the proof that they needed to make an arrest and get a conviction. He couldn't give any other details but was very frustrated by the lack of their ability to do anything.
  3. I passed by this on my way home from work this afternoon. It's been a terrible day going to and from work. Got hung up in traffic on Hurt Road this morning due to a bad accident. And then this, which is much worse. I was hoping it was a drug bust or something. Never, in a million years, did I think of a murder. Such bad things going on in our little county lately. My prayers are with the family and the co-workers of Deputy Driskell. Such a very sad situation.
  4. I actually called the police due to my oldest daughter's behavior and suspected drug use when she was 16. She is 31 now. They came out and searched her room, but didn't find anything. When my youngest was 14, I was told that she was at a friends house smoking pot. I went straight over there, picked her up, and took her to Paulding ER for a drug screen. Fortunately, it came back negative!! My kids knew that I meant business while they were teenagers living in my house.
  5. Back in April, 2013, my son-in-law cleaned out my garage for me. I had an old bookcase and several boxes of stuff that he sat on the curb for the garbage pick-up. This was on a Sunday afternoon. On Monday, the garbage people didn't pick the stuff up. On Tuesday I had a card left by the Marshall's office requesting phone call. They were very rude and told me I had 24 hours to get rid of the stuff or I would be slapped with a fine. They did not give a flip that I had just had shoulder surgery the week before and had no one, at that particular time, to help me do anything with the stuff. It wasn't even very much at all, and was not even unsightly. Everything was packed very neatly in boxes, except for the bookcase. I had to drag everything back into my garage, in the rain, and reinjured my shoulder in the process. I can't believe they won't be more aggressive with someone who has such a mess at their house, especially if they know where the owner lives.
  6. I haven't heard anything about a meth bust but I have heard about 4 heroin overdoses in the last couple of weeks.
  7. I agree with you 100%. What good does it do to come forward now when there is no actual proof? I have always loved Bill Cosby. He is the epitome of what a father and family man should be; however, my gut tells me he did these things. It breaks my heart to know that he was not the kind of man he pretended to me. But again, it should have been brought to the forefront way before now.
  8. Very well put. I don't see anything political in your comment.
  9. Aaron's Grandma: you are absolutely right. Every one of the deaths listed was avoidable. There is no excuse for "forgetting" that you have your child in the car. I cannot see how anyone can forget about their child. Children are a blessing and, if they can just be forgotten about, people should think long and hard about bringing children into the world. And you have to wonder how many of them were really intentional.
  10. I strongly believe the wife was involved in this. I think they planned it together and he carried the plan out. If that is the case, I hope he will at least do the right thing and admit it. If she helped in any way, she deserves to be punished, too. The whole thing just makes me sick. RIP little Cooper!
  11. I listened to this on the scanner. The call said that he was either hit in the head or the bobcat was on his head. The accident involved a severe head injury.
  12. I am so sorry to hear this. I didn't know Mr. Crist personally but always heard good things about him and his company. The family will be in my prayers.
  13. I live off of Ridge Road, and we have had vehicles broken into and gone through before. About a month ago, my dog was barking like crazy. When I looked out my bedroom window, there were two individuals prowling around the neighborhood with a flashlight. I called Paulding County SO and, when they arrived, the two people were just sitting in the middle of the road at the corner of my house. Guess what----the police just talked to them and let them go. The officer said it was two teenage girls who were just walking around the neighborhood having a smoke!!! It was 2 a.m., they did not live in the neighbor hood, and had a flashlight. Just because they were teenage girls doesn't mean they aren't capable of breaking into a car!!!! If all they were doing was smoking, why couldn't they do it at home or in their own neightborhood? And I thought there was a curfew for teenagers.
  14. I'm glad that they got him. I bet it was a domestic situation.
  15. It sounds like you have the same mail lady that I do. I have a chocolate lab that wouldn't bite anyone for any reason. Our mail lady is VERY lazy and doesn't like to get out in the cold or rain to deliver packages. She's claimed our dog came at her on occasions when the dog was with my husband and not even at the house. I've been in the house with the dog and she's put a slip in the mailbox with the word "dog" on it. I gave her a piece of my mind one day and I've complained on numerous occasions to the post office, but they don't care.
  16. It looks just like my dog and cat!!!
  17. <br /><br /><br /> One of these homes belongs to my son-in-law's mother. They never did find out who did it or why. It appears to have been random.
  18. drosser


    When is winter break?
  19. <br /><br /><br /> I agree!! I guess the thought of making a little money is more important than people's lives.
  20. So there is ice on the trees in Paulding? What area of town are you in?
  21. I had to come to work this morning. If it starts sticking in Hiram, somebody please post so that I'll know to leave work!! I don't think I can take a repeat of the last weather incident!! Thanks!!
  22. <br /><br /><br /> Mine has never given me any trouble at all!! Other than oil changes, tires, tune-ups, etc., I've not spent anything on it and it's got 244,000 miles on it. The problem turned out to be that when Precision Tune replaced the intake gasket, they only replaced one of two gasgets. Got it done this morning and the car is running great. No check engine light!! I have to let it run through a cycle before I can get it inspected again, but I should be able to have it done tomorrow.
  23. I have a lot of places on my siding that needs to be replaced, but I've been told that they don't make the siding any more. I just spent a small fortune on stopping my basement from flooding when it rains (at least I hope it's fixed---it hasn't rained enough to test it yet). My savings are down to almost nothing, so I need someone who can replace the siding cheap. I'd like to find someone who will fix the worse places first and then fix others later as I get the money. It is very expensive maintaining a house, especially for a single female on a very limited income.
  24. A co-worker called me to find out if it was snowing at my house. Not yet!! I'm in Hiram off Ridge Road. She said the news said it was snowing in Dallas and Carrollton.
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