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    Car Lots

    I researched them and feel like the cars they sell are not worth anywhere near what they are asking for them. No one deserves to be ripped off just because they'd had credit problems in the past. But it might be that all the buy here-pay here places are like that. I haven't ever had any dealings with them, so I don't know if this is how they operate. One of my daughters bought a car at one of those places about 10 years ago and she didn't have to put a whole lot down. She paid by the week and they were pretty reasonble. It took her 3 years to pay the car off, and she never had any mechanical problems with it. Unfortunately, the place is no longer there. It was in Doraville. Thanks!! I'll tell her about Credit Acceptance.
  2. drosser

    Car Lots

    She's only got $1,000 to put down. That won't buy any kind of decent car. She has a child and works nights, so she needs dependable transportation.
  3. drosser

    Car Lots

    A good friend of my daughter's has had been through some really bad times financially. She has a decent job but not so good credit because of divorce and some other stuff. She is in desperate need of a car. She tried to get one through a normal dealer but that didn't work. Does anyone know of any buy here-pay here lots that can be trusted? She's been through so much that I'd hate for her to get stuck with a lemon she won't have the money to get fixed. I've seen some in Paulding, Douglas, and Cobb but I don't know the first thing about any of them.
  4. Does anyone know of a company who will do this?
  5. I cleaned out my garage over the weekend and I have a lot of junk that my trash company did not pick up. Does anyone know of a company or individual that will haul off junk for a resonable price? Thanks!!
  6. My grandson is 7 and loves his legos. Would he be old enough to attend?
  7. I feel the exact same way. I don't care whose feelings I hurt, my kids' safety would be way more important. I used to work with a lady who had a very bad prescription drug problem. Most of the time she was wasted, but she would take her granddaughter places. She wrecked her car one day with her granddaughter and another child in the car. Luckily, no one was hurt. There was no way that the parents didn't know she was high, but they let their child spend a lot of time around her. This was such a sad situation. I don't know how a parent ever gets over something like this. Especially knowing that one of their parents killed their children.
  8. This year has been the absolute worse for talent. There is almost none!!! I don't understand why they put some of the ones thru that they did. Zonette is absolutely one of the the most awful "singers" I've ever heard. It broke my heart to see her make it when a couple of the other girls, though not great, were much, much better than her. I much prefer X Factor!!!
  9. What does the club do? Is it for kids?
  10. Prayers said!! I know how scary something like this can be. My daughter to the ER because she had the flu. Since she was pregnant, they hooked her up to the monitor, and my grandson was having decells in his heart rate. They ended up doing a C-section 6 weeks and a day early. He weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces. Had to stay in the NICU for a couple of weeks and she went home without him. That was hard, but everything turned out ok. He'll be 3 on Saturday and is absolutely adorable!!! LIttle boys are so much fun!!
  11. I just realized that all I am getting is stuff every now and then, mostly ambulance calls. I guess that's why there has been less activity lately. That really sux because Cobb is no longer on radioreference.com, and they always had stuff going on. When I couldn't listen to Cobb anymore, I came back to Paulding. Now I need to find somewhere else that's exciting. So, I'm guessing there is no way to get the sheriff calls anymore. I wonder if there's a hand-held scanner that will pick them up.
  12. That's strange because I'm listening to the scanner right now.
  13. What's wrong with your screen? All of a sudden my laptop only shows the top half of the screen. It has lines that resemble a tree coming up from the bottom and the bottom is mostly dark. My daughter said it looked like it had been dropped and the screen was broken. To my knowledge, it was not dropped (at least by me). My 7-year-old grandson plays games on it sometimes, but I think he would have freaked out if he'd dropped it, and he would have been crying and worried that I'd be upset. There are no cracks in the screen, but it certainly looks weird. I was also wondering if there was somewhere to take it that might could tell me if it was fixable without costing a fortune.
  14. I came through this intersection around 4:15 on my way to pick up my grandson from school. Everything had been cleared up. That is such a bad intersection. Both of my daughters were involved in accidents at the intersection when they were in high school. Luckily, no one was hurt in either accident.
  15. Before she was a judge, she was a divorce attorney. If you were a woman and wanted to stick it to your husband in a divorce, she was the attorney to have. She ripped many a man a new one in divorce cases. Somehow, she could have the woman awarded everything the man had and, nine time out of ten, he walked away with nothing but the shirt on his back. Seems like after she became a judge, she became way more sympathetic to men.
  16. Gets my vote, too!! That was just great!! Made me laugh out loud!!
  17. There was a pretty bad accident at Ridge Road and Seals Road. One person was air lifted to Atlanta Medical Center. I think it was a female and she had glass in her eyes.
  18. The exact same thing happened to me a few years back. It is something that I will never forget. I always stop and move them out of the road if at all possible. The stupid A$$ saw what I was doing and went into the other lane to run over the turtle. I was upset for quite a while after that. Some people are just plain mean.
  19. What really ticks me off are the people who have the hanging tags and, when they get out of the vehicle, they almost run into the store. They don't walk slow, they don't have any visible problems. They can walk better than me, and I have a bad back and bad knees and don't have a handicapped tag. Sometimes I think they may have a family member who is deserving of the tag, and they borrow it. I have a friend whose ankle was shattered in a car accident, and sometimes she can barely walk. She has a tag, but won't park in a handicapped space unless her ankle is really bothering her. She feels like there may be other folks who may need the space more than she does.
  20. Dr. Vaughn is wonderful. She did an amazing job on a skin tag that my daughter had on her eyelid when she was 9. She is 30 now and still remembers how comfortable Dr. Vaughn made her feel. Ever since, I have used Dr. Vaughn. She is very personable and has a great sense of humor!! I highly recommend her.
  21. This woman's family has been in my prayers. I just don't understand why someone would do this. Murder is not the answer because it usually leaves the kids without either parent. The saving grace in this incident is that no one was killed. My heart goes out to those little girls and the rest of the family members who are involved it this situation.
  22. What is your stepdaughter's name? Daniel seems to know everyone who works at Children's Palace. He likes to tell me all their names!!! I just love all of them there.
  23. My 5-year-old grandson goes to pre-K there and was in day care before that. Absolutely love everyone there!! They are all so good with the kids and Daniel just loves to go to school. He was sad this morning when he realized he was out for Christmas break.
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