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  1. She has two sons, Brett and Bradley Benson.
  2. I know I am very late with this and most people know, but my daughter, formerly from Dallas, passed away December 21, 2015
  3. Is there any place? Insurance will pay for doctor care but not for room and board. We need help because he needs in care treatment.
  4. Does anyone know the persons name or what type of bike?
  5. Since the house got cleaned out, it appears something is happening to the whole house. For sale or moving back in???
  6. Did not go thru store, went thru woods on the side of the store. Putting white clothes up everywhere and that usually happens when it is fatal.
  7. I got an estimate from Doug and called and texted him back for the job and he never responded.
  8. NEED LOCKSMITH ASAP!!!! East Paulding.
  9. What was ever found out?
  10. What got the house cleaned up on East Paulding Dr.?
  11. I missed the report on tv and I have no clue as to what is going on. I would really like to know. Can someone simply explain what has happened?
  12. So sorry, I know how it feels to lose a husband, unbelievable. I am trying to hire Mr. Dis now.
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