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  1. <br /><br /><br /> Thanks! Dennis is coming out for an estimate tomorrow.
  2. Hi all, We are selling our house in Powder Springs. Our inspector suggested we repair or replace a handful of masonite boards on our chimney before the appraisal is done next week. I'm guessing the front face of the chimney is 6-8' wide and the sides are 2-3' deep. Our house is flat white, so no real color matching necessary. I have caulked and used bondo in a couple soft spots along the edges before. In this case, the bottom of some of the planks have started to swell and flake off, so those boards will probably have to be replaced. Most or all of these can be reached with a 10' ladder. Does anyone have recommendations for a local company who could do a quick and cheap fix for us? We would really like to get this done tomorrow or over the weekend. I'm thinking we will need less than 50' total of new siding. Let me know if you need any other details. Thanks in advance!
  3. I know Powder Springs allows something like a 5x8 square of yard clippings to be left on the street, but I may end up having more than that. Anyone know of a place in the Powder Springs/Hiram/Dallas area that accepts yard trimmings, branches, etc? Inquiring minds want to know.
  4. I've heard good things about P90X. Did you notice any dramatic results?
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