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  1. I need a trustworthy mechanic, too!! My check engine light is on, and I took my care to Precision Tune on Austell Road because they are on my way home from work, and they always to my oil changes. They've done minor stuff, too. Well--over $500.00 later, a diagnostic that was never done, and two "repairs" that I didn't need, the check engine light is still on. I took it to a place in Douglasville on Monday, and they couldn't get to it that day, so they referred me to a website where I found a place that is supposedly certified in emission repair. I left the car there this afternoon so that they can fix it tomorrow. I still don't know what's wrong with it. Supposedly, running diagnostics on a 2001 Ford Explorer cannot pinpoint the problem because the compute system is not sophisticated enough. If anyone knows of a good mechanic that is reasonably priced and won't take advantage of a woman, please post. I'm sure I'm not the only one who needs a good, reputable mechanic.
  2. My daughter got the call from the school system saying school might start late or be cancelled altogether on Friday. I am off work on Friday so ------ LET IT SNOW!!!
  3. <br /><br /><br /> My grandsons go to Baggett and they got home safe and sound without much delay. They had to be let out at the entrance to the subdivision and walk down, but they didn't mind at all!! God bless all the bus drivers. They are doing the best they can.
  4. <br /><br /><br /> I was probably the one stuck and spinning!!! I apologize for any inconvenience I caused anyone!!!
  5. <br /><br /><br /> That explains why traffic wasn't moving when I turned on E/W connector to try and avoid the less-traveled backroads. I ended up turning around and going Austell Road to Clay. Finally made it to Pine Valley but ended up stuck in the middle of the intersection at 92 and Pine Valley. Some nice guy helped me out of that mess, but I got stuck again on Ridge. Some guy told me to get my tires on the grass for traction. That made it so much worse. A nice lady gave me a ride home, and my daugher got a ride to my car, got it towed back onto the road, and got it home. Took me 4 hours to make an hour drive!!! A co-worker just called and it took her 7 hours to go from Terrell Mill to Barrett Parkway!!! I'm just glad to be home!!!
  6. That's what scares me!! I was 18, pregnant with my first child, and tried to go downtown to pick up my aunt, who needed a ride. Took us 13 hours to finally make it home. I refuse to ever put myself through that again. I've already told my supervisor that I will be leaving work as soon as the first snowflake falls!!!
  7. If you live in Poole Bridge Park or the surrounding area, be aware that there were two guys trying to get into cars around 5:40 a.m. on Monday. I saw them standing in the road when I left to go to work. My daughter actually saw them checking the car doors in a driveway. She called the police, but they were not able to locate the guys. Just wanted everyone to be sure to keep their cars locked if they are not in the garage.
  8. drosser

    How sad!

    Totally heartbreaking!! I just cannot imagine what the families are going through right now and how much worse it will be if the groom does get charged.
  9. drosser


    Thanks so much for the names. I'll give them a call and use the most reasonable!!
  10. My daughter has been looking for almost two years for something affordable in Paulding. Good luck!! She hasn't been able to find anything even remotely liveable for less than $800 a month. So now she and her two kids are living with me!!
  11. drosser


    I need someone to clean my gutters at a reasonable price. It's been a long time since they were cleaned, and they need it really bad!!
  12. I grew up in Smyrna and remember every single one of the places mentioned!! Every day, I drive down Windy Hill road going to and from work, and It's had to forget that from Atlanta Road to South Cobb Drive was Cherokee Street and from South Cobb to Austell Road was Jones Shaw Road!!! Spent so much time at Belmont Hills Shopping Center, it was like home away from home!! I remember getting out of school early in 12th grade to go to work and eating at Burger King---cheese whopper, fries, and coke for $1.08!!!
  13. My daughter's mother-in-law's house was the one on Kessle Lane. I don't have a lot of details, but someone definitely shot up the house. No idea who or why. Is Dunleith Drive near Kessle Lane?
  14. Charles Davis and his sister Jean was killed. My daughter was friends with his sister, Stephanie. Such a messed up bunch of people long before tis happened. Very sad but, again, these kids were allowed to do whatever they wanted with no consequences whatsoever!!
  15. This bring something else to mind. So far everyone seems to be against the court's decision and is outraged. But what about what happened with Jake Zimmerman, there were plenty of people here saying that he should have been allowed to walk at graduation after he and 20+ were caught vandalizing East Paulding High School. And there were than a few who said that he should have the charges dropped against him because it would ruin the "bright future" he has against. He was the class president and quite a few folks felt that because of that and where he planned to go to college should be considered. Well here's the thing, I'm betting that Ethan Couch's parents and supporters may have said the same thing for him whenever he has gotten in trouble in the past. If it wasn't his Ethan's fault that he killed 4 people and most likely has gotten out of trouble previously for things, then what's to say that Jake Zimmerman is really any different. He seems to have believed that his parents could get him out of trouble as well. So if Ethan had been punished before isn't it likely he may have not killed the people he did? Me either!!! They all got off with a slap on the wrist. When there are no consequences, kids think they can do whatever they want and get away with it.
  16. If the incident involving the "poor" boy and the van happened on Church Road and one of the victim's was the boy's sister, he got exactly what he deserved. I personally knew this family. My daughter and the boy's other sister were friends. When I found out about the drugs, underage drinking, and a lot of other stuff that was allowed at the house while the mother was there, my daughter was no longer allowed to have anything to do with the sister. There was a lot more to this story than ever made the papers or news. I don't know anything about the other accident but it sounds like the girl should have been punished just as severely. But no one should feel sorry for the boy who hit the tree because justice was definitely serves where he was poor or wealthy.
  17. She is wonderful!! I highly recommend her
  18. Amen!!! They definitely don't do their job. I know someone who was reported and, at the time, should have had their kids taken away for neglect. Cobb County DFCS just let it go. They don't want to break up the family---that's crap! There are time when the kids are so much better off away from the family.
  19. Sometimes relatives do know and do report to authorities.....and nothing is done. I know of a woman who was on drugs and was neglecting her children. She kept a filthy house and they kids had to fend for themselves. Both kids were under 6. DFCS was called. They called the woman, so she knew they were coming to investigate. When they got there, the house was spotless, the kids were clean, and she looked like she'd stepped out of a fashion magazine. Case closed. DFCS should not call before they show up. In this case, the relative was made to look like the bad guy for calling in a "false" report. After the case was closed, mom went right back to her drugs and neglect. She finally got clean, but the kids missed out on so much during the time she was consumed by the drugs. Luckily, she was not a violent person, and she did love her kids. She just wasn't capable of properly caring for them for a long time.
  20. Miley Cyrus is absolutely disgusting and totally out of control. I would be mortified if she were my child.
  21. Channel 2 reported that, when they found the girl, she was happy and in good spirits. There is definitely more to this story, and we will probably never know the real truth. Mom was previously arrested for drug trafficking along with one of the men involved in the alleged kidnapping. Sounds like mama might have owed someone some money, and she used the child as collateral. After all, they only asked for $10,000 in ransom. JMO.
  22. Something similar happened at PCHS around 1997. There was a group of basketball players who would target a girl who had problems such as low self esteem or had bad home situations and pretend to "like" the girl. They would make the girls think that they wanted to be their "boyfriends" and would coerce the girls into having sex. The girls, if I'm not mistaken, were ages 13 to 15. Several of the boys actually raped one of the girls, and she tried to kill herself twice. The coach got made when the sheriff's department came to the school to arrest the boys because it was close to the time for a big game, because most of the boys involved were star players. At the trial, the coach said that he, personally, did not see anything wrong with what the boys did. Luckily, they were all convicted and most of them did time, even though it wasn't for very long.
  23. drosser

    Car Lots

    Thanks so much to everyone for their input. I'm passing everything on to my daughter to pass on to her friend. She does have a down payment and her credit score is around 550. She tried to get a car at a well-advertised dealer that claimed the could get financing for low credit scores. They put her in a $16,000 with a $1,500 down payment. She had it a month without hearing anything from them. She had it insured with the name of a supposed lien holder and everything, but she never received any paperwork or bill from the lien holder about when she was supposed to begin her payments. The dealer kept telling her that everything was fine but then started asking for additional copies of her check stubs and WC form. She provided everything to them, and then they told her the lienholder said the documents were fake, which was just unbelievable. They would not allow her to talk to anyone at the lienholder and would not tell her the name of the company. They just kept saying "the bank". She had to take the car back earlier this week and is now about to lose her job because she's having a had time getting to work. She has got the names of several places that she will be looking tomorrow. I will proide an update when and if she gets a car.
  24. drosser

    Car Lots

    I don't know anything about Credit Acceptance, but it sounds like that's where it's at. I might not tell her about them if you've heard bad things. That's why I got on her. I wanted to find out if anyone had any experience with local places.
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