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  1. IMO, probably everyone who lived in the house knew what was going on. They were all adults. And probably everyone was involved in this illegal activity one way or another. Even if you know it's going on and do nothing, you're still involved by letting it go on. Everyone said Mr. Hammett had medical problems. Maybe he couldn't physically work any longer and selling drugs was the easiest way they could think of to make some money. Some people just don't want to actually get up and go to a legitimate, legal job. It definitely sounds like the wife and step-son just moved the business to another county, which was just plain stupid. It is interesting that all those who said the Hammetts were such fine, upstanding citizens, who were definitely NOT involved in drugs, haven't had anything to say now that the truth has come out. Too busy eating their words, I guess.
  2. [quote name='gog8tors' timestampWorthy of the death HE CHOSE. If he had chosen to answer the door, corporate, and given up the real criminals, would he be dead now? Seems to me HIS choices led to his death. Very well said!!! He definitely knew what was going on, as did anyone else who lived in the house.
  3. I'm not being disrespectful, but why would the SWAT team be involved in an unattended death? I listened to some of this on the scanner, and it sounded like a lot more than that.
  4. What gets me is that she didn't learn a dang thing from what happened on Nebo Road! She moved her drug-selling butt right on out to Forest Park and started all over.
  5. I'm glad that there has finally been an arrest. At least we know now who was selling the drugs. And evidently she didn't learn any type of lesson from what happend on Nebo Road because she started all over again in Clayton County. I can't believe her nerve getting on here and acting like absolutely nothing wrong had been going on in the house. That's why there was a search warrant!! I'm sorry someone had to die but sounds like it was the wife and step-son's fault.
  6. If you can tell me approximately what time this was, I can go back and listen to the archieves. ]
  7. Tried to send you a PM, but it said you couldn't receive any more. The address was 1974 Scoggins Road.
  8. If it was a murder/suicide, I would think it would be on the news. If kids were involved, I pray that they are ok physically. I cannot imagine the mental toll it will take on them.
  9. I heard this on the scanner last night but got in on it in the middle. I only heard the address and that SWAT was involved. They ended up going to a private channel and I went to bed. That is so said if it was a murder/suicide.
  10. I heard that, too!! I hope everything turns out ok.
  11. I got on here to see what was up. I've only had the scanner on for a short while and could not figure out what was going on. Sounds like SWAT is involved. They keep talking about Scoggins Road. I think they said something about 1974 Scoggins Road.
  12. What a great website!! Thanks for sharing!!
  13. This is the only place either of my daughters will use for pictures of their kids. They've tried Picture People and Olan Mills and neither holds a candle to Portrait Innovations.
  14. Was it just a wreck or was there something going on at the hair dresser's house? I haven't had time to listen to the archieves.
  15. Stayed home and took advantage of all the on-line deals!! Got some really cute stuff for my grandkids at Macy's and Old Navy!!!
  16. Thanks!! I'll try to listen later today to see if I can find out what happened.
  17. It didn't have anything to do with a Nixel. From what I can remember, he was talking on his cell phone and may have been receiving calls. If you're trying to hide from the police and you phone keeps ringing, that's an easy way for the police to track you!!
  18. I heard the whole thing on the scanner. It was funny about the cell phone!!
  19. I remember this. A couple from Marietta was killed in this one, and the law firm that I was working on handled the wrongful death suit. It was so very sad.
  20. I think that's what happened to Cobb County. They are no longer on Radio Reference.com. The archieves are on radioreference.com and it costs $15 every 6 months for access. I tried to listen on Wednesday but didn't know what time. I started at 5 p.m. but there wasn't anything about that address. If anyone know about what time things were happening, I'll be glad to go back and listen.
  21. I heard the same thing. The 13-year-old was mad because the neighbor told on her for having a boy over. She took it out on her little sister. I guess she was trying to "get back" at her parents. Where does so much anger come from in a 13-year-old girl??? I just cannot imagine!!
  22. What happened this time? I guess I need to listen to the archieves again!!
  23. I had to pause the scanner while I fed my grandkids!! Said female was supposed to be coming outside, but they took all traffic to law 2. The altercation that took place outside was verbal between a young woman with dark hair and an older man with gray hair. Said someone apparently ran out the back door. Might have one that ran. Asked for canine then said wasn't needed. There are a ton of officers there!! Female (Carmen) that supposedly took off foot was hiding in the closet. Took traffic to law 2 again. That's ok because DWTS is about to come on so I'll have to listen for the rest of this later!!
  24. Domestic dispute with shots fired. Between younger female and older male. Neighbor reported shots fired after the two went inside the residence. Known 10-109 (drug) activity at residence.
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