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  1. It's a bit childish to continue to play this game. Wouldn't you say??
  2. Some great feedback and a lot of good insight here. I will add a little more. Children are NOT STUPID!! They can usually detect when their parents are deceiving them, behaving irrationally, or are not acting within the child's best interest. And if they don't realize it while it's happening, don't worry they'll figure it out eventually. When they grow up and finally realize the truth of what was going on, it will weaken the relationship between the children and the parent that was creating all the drama. They will come to have no respect for that parent. So while you think you may be
  3. Has the iPad been connected to a different wifi network? It may be that it doesn't recognize the IP address. This happened to me when I was on vacation and used the hotel's wifi. I just hit continue. I'm pretty sure this message is just to get your permission to continue on to the website under the different wifi network.
  4. I find this quote eerily haunting, given the unfortunate news we've learned today.
  5. Oh this is so tragic. I can't believe it. I liked him a lot. Prayers for his friends and family. RIP Robin.
  6. Not what a lot of people were expecting to hear: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/mother-child-left-die-hot-car-says-she-misses-her-/ngyBT/?nmredir=true&__federated=1 Attorney: Leanna Harris isn't a suspect in son Cooper's death COBB COUNTY, Ga. The Cobb County District Attorneys Office has requested a victims impact statement from the mother of a toddler whose father is now charged with leaving him to die in a hot car, signaling, her attorney believes, that prosecutors dont intend to charge her with a crime.
  7. Happy Birthday mrnn! I hope you had a great day!
  8. Speaking of banned 'propaganda' cartoons, get a load of this one made by Disney (yes that's right, Disney). Talk about painting Hitler/Germany in a bad light. Geez. https://archive.org/details/HitlersChildren_32
  9. And you make a great point. Just because someone is armed does not guarantee they would be 100% safe from any attack scenario. But a certain quote comes to mind here. "Better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it."
  10. Well if course it's upsetting to hear of an incident such as this one. And it doesn't change my views on being armed, it only reaffirms them. There are still questions to go along with this scenario, like even she was armed would it have helped her or even prevented the attack? If it is a surprise attack or someone coming from behind then it makes you wonder if any type of weapon would do any good. Those 'what-if' questions are not going to prevent me from being armed though. If I were ever caught in a situation like that and I had a moment to be able to get to my weapon and use it then I
  11. This is a shame to hear. I hope that woman will be able to give a better description so they can catch the loser. I would never go on that trail without my husband or my good friend Walther.
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