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  1. Congratulations! That is fantastic news!
  2. Ari Onassis had it as well. I had a friend that I lost track of several years ago. She suffered from it. I remember that she could barely keep her eyes open. She had eye surgery in Augusta at the hospital attached to the medical college and it helped her tremendously.
  3. My co-worker tells me that the Waffle House on Ridge Rd. is taking reservations and will be using the fancy white tablecloths on the tables this year. Real flowers on the table too.
  4. It was on the local news. There was quite a bit about this on one of the Paulding related pages on Facebook. Someone was actually at the hospital for unrelated reasons and posted pictures believe it or not. She posted pictures of the police presence, of the gun and of a "puddle" of blood. She did indicate that she didn't see blood everywhere or even any bullet holes in the BMW. You can read the rest of the speculation and so forth here: https://www.facebook.com/PauldingCountyUncensored/?fref=ts
  5. I read the whole thing, each and every post. I know what you were responding to and was just trying to reiterate that it was not on the Douglasville end of Brownsville. Things get muddy quick when erroneous information is thrown into a conversation.
  6. Maybe they had no idea where Cobb hospital is. Maybe they had no idea it even exists. Maybe they haven't lived in the area for years and years like you did and don't know their way around. Maybe they asked someone in the parking lot where the closest hospital is and maybe someone in the parking lot directed them to Paulding hospital. If they had asked me, those would be the directions I would have given them. Maybe the green left turn arrow was lit when they pulled up and it easier to turn left onto 278 than to sit in a line of traffic to turn right. Who knows. Maybe it was this, maybe it was
  7. Not odd at all to me. Paulding County hospital is on the corner at 278 and 120. The Kroger is almost at the corner of 278 and Brownsville. It's a straight shot down one road to Paulding hospital. That's exactly what I would have done as well. County lines wouldn't really come into play as far as I would be concerned. The most expedient route to the hospital that is easiest to get to is all I would concern myself with.
  8. Prayers and hugs for your recovery. I've missed your presence here.
  9. The Kroger where the incident happened is almost at 278. It's nowhere near Hwy. 92. Paulding county is the closest hospital from there.
  10. I tip $5 for a $10 manicure and I tip $10 when I get a mani/pedi.
  11. At the high school I attended in Conyers, GA guys were allowed to bring their shotguns (or rifles or whatever guys hunt with) on grounds in the early 80's as long as they kept them in their gun racks in their pick up trucks in the parking lot. The parking lot was full of guns and no one broke into the vehicles to steal them nor did anyone bring them into the school and try to kill anybody. But that was then and I don't think the end result would be the same if you let them do that in 2016.
  12. The Eagles, Bowie....part of the soundtrack of my youth. 2016 is rolling along with a vengeance. Stop now please. RIP Glenn.
  13. Pat's Apparel is moving over there sometime this month.
  14. I like the Whole Foods across Ponce from Murder Kroger but I find myself at Emo/Hipster Kroger at Edgewood more often than not if I need something while at work. Went to the Skanky Kroger on Moreland once. Once was enough.
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