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  1. I just went to gofundme.com and search by his name... Aaron Asberry... and it showed it active and a total of $50 raised so far? There is a picture of him, kissing his wife on the cheek and of their little baby
  2. Wow... I happened to meet this guy today of the Dollar General. He was coming out and I was going in. I saw him in his uniform and just had to say... as I so try to do all the time, thank you so much for the sacrifice you and your family are making for us and our wonderful country. He was so very humble and didn't even mention the things that he was going through at home. But the girl in the store told me what was what. I remember his last name on his uniform and she said someone had started a GoFundMe account to try to help. Again, I just say wow... we have so many dead beats and good-for-not
  3. Anybody knows of someone with a room for rent in the Dallas, Hiram or power Springs area ? ASAP !
  4. I have 22 rifle, and my son who is 10, wants to go out shooting with me. Of course is too young to take to any of the ranges, because you have to be at least 14 to 16 at most of them. So does anyone know where we can go outside and just plink around safely and without being a nuisance ?
  5. Will the PCS be open or close tomorrow, Friday the 14th ...Anyone heard anything ?
  6. Can the water treatment system loose power....and if so...then what? Has this happened before??
  7. Where is this lake located ?
  8. I am looking for a quiet creek side to relax and chill by. My son is 3 years old, and he and I both love the water but, I was wanting to find somewhere less crowded than the a lake side, to find. Somewhere without swimmers diving around you, and no personal water craft speeding by. I live in the New Hope, dose anyone know of a place ? Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for all the great suggestions! We took her today to the paulding / dallas senior citizens center, and she really enjoyed it! She even won a couple of games of bingo!
  10. Yes she does. She just moved here from colorado and does not know where or how to start.
  11. OK, my girlfriends mom has come to live with us. She is 58 and has very bad vision. All she will do all day, is sit around. I work 3rd shift and my girlfriend goes to class and watches our 2 year old son during the day. I want to find something for her to do, so she will not be so alone. She can't drive anymore, and she needs people her own age, that she can do things with or at least, Hang out and talk to. Any suggestions. Help please:-)
  12. I am sorry if this brings back bad memories but, I have lived in the New Hope area for about 4 or 5 years now, and I just noticed, the 3 crosses in front of the new dollar general and hardware store on East Paulding. If it is not to hard to talk about, could someone tell when, how and who died there ?
  13. Did anyone else hear and see, in that order, a flock of about 100 sandhill cranes maybe about a week a go? We could hear them and then looked up and saw them. At first I did not know what they were. I had to think real hard and I remembered my dad talking about them many, many years ago. We live in the New Hope area.
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