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  1. You guessed correctly! I have no prize to give, but 100 years ago, heck, even 50 years ago, I would agree with your statement that colonial states cannot be compared to those out west, but in today's modern society (and after living here and growing up there), there are more similarities than differences. There aren't many people today who fall under the category of being within a half day's trip of their county seat, especially under a 1 horsepower method of transportation. A case could be made to divide Paulding. The southeast section of the county isn't too different from the we
  2. $8.50 would buy me a decent meal!
  3. This is a great conversation. I'm currently working on grad school coursework in public administration, and I appreciate all of these great points of view and ideas. Since moving here 3 years ago and studying how things are done in this state compared to how things are done back west (I'm from the most populated county in the U.S., and lived in the largest county in the continental U.S.), it boggles my mind to see how many counties there are in this part of the country and the accompanying costs. Just to help this conversation out visually, see below: The days of small, compact counti
  4. Sounds like a tax on the pale skins to me. Personally, I love being practically translucent.
  5. I'll haunt them good until I get what's coming to me.
  6. Potter's field. And yes, gov't money goes towards such places.
  7. Oh they know my wishes. I want my corpse shot out of a cannon while they play "Great Balls of Fire". Dang, my entitlement issues made me want it now. Shameful, I know.
  8. Shoot, you may be right, but after serving overseas, I want this one!
  9. I could use it to hold my shots of espresso.
  10. Ok, could I still have it now and use it as a book-end?
  11. Sweet! Can I have it now? I could use it as a coffee table.
  12. I'm a vet. I won't get a flyover, but they'll put me somewhere and hand someone a flag. Works for me, what would I care? I'm dead!
  13. This is the way I do it now to save money. And honestly, I enjoy it, and I won't change a thing until I have all debts paid off.
  14. If not taxes, it's fees. Lots of fees.
  15. Awesome tips, thanks. Now, where in West Georgia would you recommend going (for any size fish!)? I love fishing, but I haven't done it here in Paulding or neighboring counties.
  16. I could be wrong (I don't really wake up until around 11), but isn't it Thursday?
  17. It's amazing this county is as developed as it is, with all of this NIMBY sentiment.
  18. I like the brunette. What are we talking about again?
  19. I'm surprised someone hasn't gone vigilante on this guy yet, and by the way, no private detective worth their salt would be as repetitive/predictable as this guy.
  20. That's awesome. If you ever need a flying companion...PM me!
  21. Some of you are just plain bat-spit crazy. Watch out, black helicopters!
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