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  1. Or a very seductive running outfit...and yes, I know the story behind this particular photoshoot for Runners World magazine that Newsweek utilized for their cover shot.
  2. And what kind of revolt are you referring to? The kind of revolt at the ballot box come November? I certainly hope that is the kind you're referencing... Our nation, at it's worst, is better than another nation at its best. And we're doing a lot better today than we were a year ago at this time.
  3. She was also one of the ladies whose official photos for the Miss USA event were deemed "too racy" a week ago: Aye que linda!
  4. No kidding! Just pointing out the "War is Hell" and atrocities were committed on both sides. Johnny Reb was definitely not pure of heart.
  5. Why would wearing mismatched sox be a problem? LOL.
  6. I'd definitely vote for her...
  7. I hope no one expected that this pageant was to be handled democratically...Donald could point to Ms. Georgia and say "you win" and then take her to Aspen... ...wait, he already did that...
  8. CBS Asks the "Tough Questions": Where are his arms? They were there one moment and gone the next. And Dagmar Midcap will tell you about tomorrow's weather even if you aren't hearing a single word she says.
  9. How Willy Wonka punishes naughty little boys in the 21st century...
  10. Uh huh. And I'm sure Andersonville was a summer camp.
  11. I think it's absolutely beautiful when the Detroit Red Wings lose...
  12. I'm with you. So we throw them in jail: mom, dad, kids, all of them? That cost will be so much higher than what they currently consume in social services, etc. And then what? Drive or fly them (not all illegals are from Mexico) to their respective countries? Put them on a slow boat to China? We spend billions on countries on the other side of the globe, when much of those dollars could theoretically be spent on improving the situations of our neighbors, especially Mexico. We stated to the rest of the world in the Monroe Doctine 187 years ago that we were going to be the top dog in this he
  13. She's hawt...I'm not expecting her to be a rocket scientist or anything like that...but I don't think there'd be a post (or as many responses to a post) if she was another blonde haired blue eyed clone from Texas.
  14. Very good question...it would take some digestion, but I think eventually I would be ok with it. That's a new one...to me at least.
  15. I've wondered what native Southerners and Georgians consider Californians? I wouldn't think Yankee or Carpetbagger would be correct...I've heard "Hollywood" and "Land of Fruits and Nuts" jokes and pokes, but what else? BTW, my Cherokee kin were apparently pushed out of north GA by another relative 180 years or so ago, Grandpa was born in the Ozarks, and other relatives landed in Virginia in the 1600s. I have a lot of Southern blood in me...and I wish I'd married a southern gal. Maybe next time around
  16. Thanks! I'd love to catch some delicious fish on the Lake... Here's a video of the flooding that I took last year, I live on the south side of LR.
  17. Attorney accused of shooting at Census worker Seems that this person has a thing against authority and the government as well...
  18. Haha, I think you're the one who must be kidding. It's just plain goofy thinking. You've already given the government that information repeatedly, yet for some reason have a problem with telling the Census bureau? File taxes? Fill out a FAFSA for yourself or your children? Serve in the Armed Forces? Got a driver's license? The information is already out there, so if you want to complain about the government not being able/willing to connect the dots, that would make more sense than thinking that you're losing an ounce of liberty or sacrificing your notion of security by speaking with a Census
  19. I got detention in junior high for not having a paper cover on one of my textbooks. It was retarded then, just like it is retarded now. I also got threatened with detention for smiling. I guess I just looked guilty (I was). Kids get detention all the time for stupid things, but this particular school needs to take a chill pill...which is likely against their own rules.
  20. Wow, some of you are just despicable people. These census workers are your neighbors and most of them are working part-time and getting paid peanuts to do this job just to make ends meet. If I hadn't found another job, I would have been out there pounding pavement just like each of them. Get off your self-righteous high horse and answer the questions.
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